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  1. Appreciate the extra insight from an American alum. I definitely take all advice on this forum with a grain of salt, but anecdotal advice is still helpful! Syracuse and American are currently tied for me right now. I didn't end up applying to Georgetown since the program just wasn't the right fit, and was rejected from GW (stings, but ultimately helpful). In a previous post I did talk about how much American has impressed me through the application process, and both these schools gave me merit aid. I did attend the MPA session for Syracuse last night and I enjoyed it (though I joined
  2. Thanks for the quick response and the extra insight! So much to consider, so little time.
  3. Thanks for the input -- I've seen your posts re: American on a few threads this year and have definitely taken your points into consideration. While prestige/brand is important to me, I do want to note how well American has treated me through this whole process and that the faculty, current students, and alumni I've spoken with have genuinely impressed me. Coming from the private sector, American has been way more approachable for this major career pivot than some of the other, more notable schools. But to your point, I want to be ambitious, thus the dream of SIPA. So, if you'd humor me wi
  4. Choosing between the MPA programs at American SPA ($$), Syracuse Maxwell ($$), and Columbia SIPA (not a cent). I also got into UW Evans without funding but it's not as great a fit for me as the others (want to get into global tech policy and regulation). I would have to move cross country for the east coast schools, so moving costs are a consideration. SIPA is my top choice, but the full price tag + living expenses in loans is hard to stomach. The only way to make it feasible would be to work while in school, apply to all second year funding options possible and hope to get something, th
  5. Was also awarded half tuition for the MPA! Makes the cost effectiveness of this program pretty competitive.
  6. My portal was updated this morning... Rejected That's okay, though. I got into 4 of the 5 schools I applied to in the end, including my top choice! Best of luck to everyone here!!
  7. I'm in!!!! Oh my god. I'm shaking. Started crying as soon as I heard the music, this is so surreal. No mention of funding in my letter so will have keep checking. Congrats all!!!!
  8. The last two weeks have been soooo quiet, and I'm still waiting on SIPA and one other school!! Slowly towards insanity.
  9. Much later! I did receive an update from them in February saying I'd get a decision "in four to six weeks" and it's now week five, so, they must be swamped.
  10. Anyone heard from GWU Trachtenberg yet? Waiting on them and SIPA 😕
  11. I got an email from Maxwell admissions staff about my acceptance, but official notice and funding info is yet to come!
  12. Quoting my original post since the forum won't let me edit to update it, for some reason! Congrats to everyone getting admissions emails this week!
  13. Just got the official email of congratulations! So thrilled. In-state tuition already makes this program more affordable for me, but no offer of extra funding, sadly. (Not surprised — if it's based off of undergrad GPA, mine was on the lower end of the 3.0 range and I've been out of school a decade.)
  14. I just checked my portal as well and it says "Congratulations on your offer! The University is processing the offer", so I think that means it's a yes??? Now to wait for the email! I'm local to Seattle and applied to several East Coast schools as well. UW is solidly in the middle of my personal rankings, but honestly would be thrilled to go to any of the programs I applied to.
  15. Program Applied To: MPA Schools Applied To: Columbia SIPA, Syracuse Maxwell, GWU Trachtenberg, American SPA, UW Evans Schools Admitted To: Syracuse Maxwell (funding determined in March), American SPA (funding determined in March) Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: All the rest Undergraduate Institution: Midwestern state school Undergraduate GPA: 3.1 (raised over three years from below 3.0 with last few semesters over 3.8) Undergraduate Major: English, International Studies, Journalism minor GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: 166 V | 150 Q | 5.0 AW Years Out of Und
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