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  1. I'm unaware of how the system works. If enough people decline financial offers, what happens to the money?
  2. My portal just updated! I was accepted into the MPA (without funding)! For those wondering, my GPA was 3.65 and my SOI was just okay; 7 or 8/10. My letters of rec were both very strong; 9/10 overall at least. It is coming for y'all as well.
  3. Is anyone else still waiting?
  4. I can't figure anything out unless it's based on the date the application was completed. Or they notified the sure yes's, sure no's, then we're all somewhere in the middle while they debate over us.
  5. I'm still waiting. Another friend just got the official acceptance email. Stressing me out, y'all.
  6. MPA applicant. I have two other friends who were accepted as well. I've heard nothing.
  7. I have friends with the last names H, N, and P. None have heard yet.
  8. I swear admissions are just going through these forums and messing with us. "Every time someone complains, we move it back a day."
  9. I have a friend who received their undergraduate acceptance email from GW at 8:30 pm a few years ago. It is a *possibility*.
  10. Did you get an email first, or just randomly check the dashboard? (Apparently you can only react to a few posts per day. That's kinda dumb, but whatever I guess)
  11. It's comforting to know that we're all going nuts together.
  12. It's probably had me do that 3 times over the past 5 months. I don't think it means anything, unfortunately. It also gets really annoying because they won't let you use old passwords.
  13. I've actually been looking for it and can't find it anywhere. Their website isn't very user-friendly and it seems they don't put much info out there for the public. Even finding simple program info wasn't easy.
  14. No one. But we started a new forum specifically for complaining about Trachtenberg. https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/128459-gw-trachtenberg-mpp-2021/
  15. Aside from my rec letters, I finished my application in October and submitted everything before the Jan. 15th deadline (I think that was the one for fellowships). Tuesday, March 15th is exactly 6 weeks after the 1st. 6 weeks after we received the email on February 15th would be (God forbid) March 30th.
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