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  1. Part time deciding between Georgetown MPP (33%) and GWU MPP (0%). Costs are almost equal and are both strong with my areas of interest. Leaning more toward GU due to the heavy quant program being more marketable. Either way I'll have loans, so cost isn't as much of a factor.
  2. Still waiting! MPP applied January 10
  3. I'm in the same boat too. Not 75K in loans but still significant. I'm probably going to take the plunge only because I'm doing a career pivot and I feel like getting good connections from a school with a better program will be a must. I'd rather take out loans and have more of a sure thing than be debt free but few post grad opportunities. Should also mention I'm part time so I plan on working to pay down loans while I attend.
  4. Yeah I'm an early letter name. Still waiting...
  5. Same mine is in review for MPP. If I have to wait another day my nerves will completely unravel
  6. Ok that's definitely good to know. Part of my draw to GU was being able to make strong DC connections. I did apply for the EP, but I also currently work a very demanding job so time management is no stranger (but hence additional need to switch jobs before the fall).
  7. Would incoming MPP students have access to career resources? I'm in the process of a semi complicated career pivot, and I'm hoping to get a new job in DC before the fall that would more align with the kind of jobs I could pursue after graduation to give me more relevant work experience. Any insights on using the University resources prior to actually starting classes?
  8. This is mentally exhausting. I hope they're taking this time to put together some competitive financial aid packages...
  9. Honestly after a year of remote learning you would think the website would be stronger, noticed this with several schools I applied to.
  10. They have to be one of the last schools at this point. April 15th is only a month away...Does anyone know approximately what the acceptance rate is?
  11. I haven't heard anything and I applied back in January. I'm trying not to hold my breath too much since it seems they historically do not offer competitive funding. Doesn't stop me from checking my email/portal 5 times a day though..
  12. Did you acceptance letter specifically say you were accepted to the evening program? I applied part time, but the admissions letter and FA letter didn't specifically indicate it was the EP.
  13. Congrats on admission and FA! For how many semesters was your aid awarded? Mine was only the 1st 3 semesters but I also applied for the part time program, not sure if that would change things.
  14. Still waiting on GWU as well. I got an email from CCAS that my application was in review but that was 3 weeks ago.
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