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  1. For those with conditional offers was that in the body of your main email? I got accepted with 0 Econ/quant experience, so I’m really surprised that they wouldn’t make me take Econ or calc or something as well.
  2. Nice. Thanks for digging up the data. Guess we’ll hear back Friday the 19th. SIPA’s the final program I’m waiting to hear back from can’t wait to have this all done haha
  3. Waitlisted for MSFS, looking like SAIS for me! Congrats to everyone that was accepted!
  4. Congrats! I got a pretty minimal amount of aid from both, and 0 aid from SAIS, but if I do decide to take on an ungodly amount of debt, I’ll probably end up of choosing SAIS since at that point what’s a couple more thousand...Still waiting to hear from Georgetown and Columbia, so who knows. Best of luck with your decision! Really compelling things about both Elliott and SIS obviously; it’s a hard choice!
  5. Jesus Christ, now I’m not going to be able to sleep...congratulations and condolences to everyone respectively.
  6. Accepted to MAIR DC, but 0 funding (urgh). Still a little pleasantly surprised considering extremely limited quant experience and only 161 quant GRE.
  7. Different email. Mine came 1.5hrs ago: 10k a year. Same as EscapingBrexit I’m not sure if that’s enough for it to make sense. I knew my stats/coming from a complete career change made this all a long shot, but almost hurts more to be accepted and then “lowballed” on funding, but should be grateful for anything!
  8. Not sure if this is what you’re asking but I heard twice separately from American, once for merit funding, and another time for FASFA saying is was eligible to borrow the full amount of student loans, etc etc.
  9. This gal/guy/being has the right idea. Stirring up some Manhattans this weekend; pour some out for each other and fingers crossed for everyone!
  10. Also got the GW Elliott acceptance, no word on funding info. Congrats to everyone else as well!
  11. Can confirm re: American fin aid offers. Offered 25K total. Curious what others got! I don’t think there’s an American thread for this year.
  12. Good catch. Yep, application also cleared out. Fingers crossed it means notifications earlier than March!
  13. I believe they’re referring to the optional student interviews that you could schedule. I did one and had a similar experience, mine felt very informal (though in a good way) sort of like if you ran into a current SAIS student at a coffee shop and started chatting. Just talked about respective research interests, the student’s experience with SAIS Europe. Nothing too substantial on either side.
  14. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): IR masters Schools Applied To: Georgetown SFS, JHU SAIS, Tufts Fletcher, Columbia SIPA, GWU Elliott, American SIS Schools Admitted To: American SIS Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: SFS, SAIS, SIPA, Fletcher, Elliott Undergraduate Institution: Top 3 LAC Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 Undergraduate Major: Political science and theater GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: 161/168/4.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 6 Years of Work Experience: 5 years of working as an actor/model/bartender/GM lol Describe Relevant Work Experience:
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