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  1. Yes, essentially he mentioned that Columbia tries to sell SIPA as having access to the entirety of the Columbia network but there's quite a bit of gatekeeping. I.e. you only have access to SIPA's career network/job board. A lot of the resources are school specific -- i.e. you don't have access to a lot of the opportunities that CBS or CLS have -- even though they sell a multi-disciplinary education. (Maybe that's common sense). He also mentioned Columbia is really strong for NGOs/the UN, but outside of that it's really kind of a cash cow in his opinion. Also, in the NYC region, I've noticed Co
  2. Oh yes I’ve read your post about their pitfalls.
  3. I believe he did the MPA. I am going to ask him about it on Sun and can report back on what he says!
  4. I spoke with an alum recently and he told me he thought SIPA was a 4/10 without funding and a 7/10 with. Talking with him a bit more extensively on Sunday but that’s maybe some food for thought?
  5. Would love to hear your reasons why you think SAIS is the best. Have you listened to the webinar on academic affairs?
  6. Fletcher is charming their way into my heart between the funding and the outreach from their students and faculty for sure.
  7. I think I officially have no funding. Checked my letter and it was updated with information about the student welcome portal which was previously not there ( and to add insult to injury, they duplicated the information in the letter about the 2k deposit LOL).
  8. I feel like it might be worth re-emailing them later this week after all of the admit craziness is over ?
  9. Same boat as you. No funding for me. Big bummer seeing as my partner is based in the NYC area so my cost of living would be low. I got some $$ from a few other schools and wonder if they’re open to negotiating at all?
  10. Columbia has really been in the “wait until the last possible moment to release décisions” mood this year
  11. Also waitlisted! Excited to not be rejected!! And considering the fact I was job searching while applying to grad school this is absolutely thrilling!!
  12. Any advice for negotiating for more funding? Slash do we know what the process is?
  13. was that in your offer letter? (mine didn't have that wording so that might not bode well). Best of luck with funding however!!
  14. Maybe this MPA person is a Executive MPA person? It seems to trend that they find out before the other SIPA programs.
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