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  1. Is there anyone who will be declining the Georgetown MSFS offer here. I am curious!
  2. Is there anyone who will be declining the Georgetown MSFS offer here. I am curious!
  3. Hey! I have been following this forum for long. Wanted to know if the waitlisted applicants have received an informal letter from the director of admissions after the official status update.
  4. @Yass thanks for the reply. I am also concerned about about area around the university being small but I am favoring the program and university for now over the area. I have the option of Georgetown but I have not heard good things about the whole graduate experience so that is unlikely. Could you tell me more about your visit to the campus. I am an international student and I will visit it for the first time when I come for my admissions.
  5. @GradSchoolGrad thanks for the information. I am an international student and want to focus on international policy making in health, education and poverty. My options right now are Georgetown and Duke. I have not heard good things about Georgetown and since I have an option with Duke I am inclining towards it. My only concern is whether the Duke name, alumni will help me in my future. I am also unsure about the school and program since I haven't heard much about it from others.
  6. I would really like if someone could say something about Duke MPP. I know it comes in top 5 i terms of ranking and there due to the class size being small you get more attention. But I have noticed that people don't tend gravitate towards the schools especially on forums here. Can someone please give their views on MPP at Duke Sanford.
  7. I have not seen a lot of people talking about Duke Sanford MPP on here. So decided to create this. It would be great if people would comment on the fact that not many people are interested in MPP at Duke even when it is one of the best courses out there. Also it would be great if someone could comment on whether it poses a problem for policy students at Duke to study in a small town and whether that hinders their internship or job prospects in big cities which universities like Georgetown have it a little easy. Not heard good reviews about Georgetown hence it is important for me to know about
  8. Can anyone say anything about duke mpp. Not many are talking about it.
  9. Hi guys. I am also awaiting the results for SIPA MPA but until then can I know all y'all views on the Duke MPP. As per my search it is one of the top ranked programs but not a lot of people I have seen on the forums have applied there. can anyone comment on this.
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