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  1. Hey, thanks so much for this! Even I was thinking that it isn't as well know as Oxford in India for example. But I'm okay taking that risk as long as the teaching etc is good and people in Europe are aware of it, so will be helpful if I consider job opportunities there. Any idea about how many generally apply for their dual degrees and how many get it?
  2. 4) does anyone know how many students tend to apply to Hertie's dual degree with LSE or Columbia and how many get in?
  3. Hoping to get some thoughts on the Hertie School, in particular for mpp: 1) how is it's reputation as present? It was considered upcoming for a while but wanted to know if anyone has an idea about how it's seen now considering it's been around for a bit. 2) how helpful is it for recruitment in Europe? Or is it only those who speak German who have an advantage? 3) how is the quality of teaching and exposure? Thank you!
  4. Will today be the day?
  5. Congratulations! May I know when you had applied?
  6. Anyone heard back yet?
  7. Hello, has anyone heard back from Sciences Po yet?
  8. Hello, has anyone heard back from Hertie on their applications?
  9. If we don't hear by 1:30, do we just call it a day and reconvene tomorrow? 😂
  10. Is it me imagining this as a change or did the last line in MYFAID (before the disclaimer) always say "We look forward to meeting and assisting you."
  11. The same as the screenshot. I saw the screenshot only after posting
  12. More changes on Myfaid, there is more information on the box on the right now!
  13. Nothing yet unfortunately. I'm beginning to make my peace with the fact that it's mostly a rejection.
  14. I'm hoping that's the reason, even I applied at the deadline. Hopefully one of the accepted people can confirm :)
  15. I still haven't received any email. Is this normal? It appears that rejection letters were sent out at the same time last year. Has anyone received a rejection? To those who are in, congratulations! When did you apply?
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