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  1. If we don't hear by 1:30, do we just call it a day and reconvene tomorrow? 😂
  2. Is it me imagining this as a change or did the last line in MYFAID (before the disclaimer) always say "We look forward to meeting and assisting you."
  3. The same as the screenshot. I saw the screenshot only after posting
  4. More changes on Myfaid, there is more information on the box on the right now!
  5. Nothing yet unfortunately. I'm beginning to make my peace with the fact that it's mostly a rejection.
  6. I'm hoping that's the reason, even I applied at the deadline. Hopefully one of the accepted people can confirm :)
  7. I still haven't received any email. Is this normal? It appears that rejection letters were sent out at the same time last year. Has anyone received a rejection? To those who are in, congratulations! When did you apply?
  8. Hello, has everyone heard back from chevening on the status of their app to upload recommendations?
  9. I've submitted too. My application tracker says awaiting for one thing - resume and quantitative resume need to be differently formatted with different content. They are different though. Is anybody else's app also saying this?
  10. For all those waiting it out
  11. For all those waiting it out
  12. For all those waiting it out
  13. For all those waiting it out
  14. For all those waiting it out
  15. For all those waiting it out for Oxford
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