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  1. from what i know, fletcher does not give need-based aid. the only thing that you can get from need-based are: federal work-study and unsubsidized loans. there are no need-based aid at the federal level, and institutional level for fletcher. but, pls do negotiate. they increased my offer by $12k total when i asked.
  2. Hi All, Deadlines are approaching fast, and I'm still torn between two options. Classic brain vs heart scenario, perhaps? I'm between HKS MPP (with no funding) and SAIS IDEV (full funding), and my heart is telling me HKS, even though I have a low appetite for student loans. My brain says run with SAIS, but I may regret turning down HKS 5 years down the line? I'm a domestic student, and quite unsure of what I want to do future career wise. I'm exploring intl development, foreign policy, and private sector consulting. Unsure where I'd like to be location-wise tbh; pretty flexible but
  3. Is anyone else planning to pay sticker price for HKS MPP? That's what I'm leaning toward but am I foolish for entertaining such huge debt? (esp given some other full-tuition options). I'm a domestic student so work visas aren't a problem, fortunately.
  4. Thank you - I'll look through those, I appreciate it!
  5. Thank you! I'm looking into crafting the most convincing approach to ask for an increase in funding (don't have high hopes, but worth a try!) Yes, makes sense. The pedigree/prestige is hard to turn down, but pragmatically speaking, is the network worth the debt is what I have to settle. I was referring to consulting in terms of basic management consulting (not necessarily where my heart is, but in case I go in debt and need to take a higher-paying job to pay back the loans quickly). Is MBB path closed if I enter SAIS IDEV? I don't know much/am intrigued by government operations consulting tbh,
  6. Thank you for your helpful insights! I'll pm you but here are some general thoughts: I'm not sure about A (which makes it more difficult, I know). I'm looking into international development and diplomacy, but I'm honestly not experienced in the area, so still in the exploring stages. And that brings me to B: I would prefer some flexibility in terms of the program and electives and so on. C. Networking and reputation/prestige matter quite a lot to me, but it's harder to quantify. Since I have very little network in this field from prior work, I need to build my network from the ground up. D. Th
  7. I'm aware... I was speaking to the folks from last year (in the chance any of them are still here). There are no open houses this year, so it's pointless to open a new one.
  8. Hi @Dpt620, was curious to see if you're leaning a particular way yet. I'm between SAIS IDEV, SIPA MIA, HKS MPP, and McCourt MPP, and was wondering what your thoughts were. I'm considering a similar career path (albeit I'm inexperienced in the sector, so not entirely certain). I'm prioritizing SAIS and HKS of the four as of now.
  9. Anyone has any ideas about SAIS Open House? Any additional perspectives on HKS Open House? Thanks!
  10. Hello All, Bringing this back to life because now that all the dust has settled, stuck between a few options (primarily two). Assuming no one changes their funding offers, SAIS IDEV has offered me the most money. I also got into HKS MPP (however, no funding), and really torn about that. Perhaps, I'm being a bit emotional, but I wonder if I'd regret giving up the "Harvard" brand especially after getting accepted. I'm not sure what I'd like to do career-wise - I'm thinking perhaps international development/multilateral orgs/not entirely opposed to consulting. Does anyone know i
  11. Congrats, @ladenisse! Hadn’t seen anyone else post about funding before so just wanted to make sure - happy for you!
  12. Hi all, did anyone from here get into HKS MPP program with any scholarship? Just curious to know! I got in but no funding. For those who are in w/o funding, are you considering HKS still?
  13. Haven’t checked my decision for a while, took a long shower instead. Finally checked: accepted to MPP! Congrats to all & good luck to everyone - please stay safe and take care of yourselves! Will be deciding bw HKS MPP, SAIS IDEV, SIPA MIA, and perhaps Fletcher MALD. Hmu if anyone is in the same boat!
  14. Congrats - so happy for you!! Glad you finally checked huh? Haha
  15. I’m too nervous to check it ...
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