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  1. To be honest, I don’t think either one would put you at a huge advantage over another unless you wanted to stay in NYC/DC, but like you noted, it depends who you talk to. I don’t want to live in NYC (even for two years) so for me, I’ll choose SAIS over SIPA without losing any sleep over it unless I get a scholarship offer I can’t refuse from Columbia.
  2. Any opinions on if the cost savings at UMICH are worth the relative difference in career opportunities? I am leading towards SAIS, because while my primary interest is in development and analytics, I also want to one day be involved in development program management, organization, and leadership. other options to consider: I am not proficient in a second language, so if I go to SAIS I will have to take considerable language courses aside from the normal course load in order to meet that requirement. This might mean less opportunities for internships/elective classes relative to Georgetown. Also, my SAIS scholarship will only be renewed if I maintain a 3.4 how. Is that difficult at SAIS?
  3. As results keep rolling in, I’m slowly realizing I will have a difficult decision to make and I’m looking for some advice. I’m interested in international development, and right now I want to work for the world bank, a development consulting firm, or a smaller NGO working on development. Finances: I have just over 40 from a Roth IRA and 25k of other investments that I am willing to use for grad school if required. I am also married, and my wife will be a teacher wherever we move, probably making around 60K. So far I’ve gotten into JHU SAIS IDEV (30K a year) very good program, more options relative to Georgetown if my interests change slightly, bigger alumni network than Georgetown MIDP Georgetown McCourt International Development Policy (27K a year tuition and fully funded summer program analytical program, very focused. But also small and I feel it doesn’t have a whole lot of recognition in the field. I also applied to an external scholarship (12k a year) that I won’t hear back from until April that I can only use for Georgetown. Michigan MPP: 21K a year cheapest option, though not as many options in international policy/development Tufts MALD (no word on finances) less analytical than SAIS and it would be nice to go to school in DC, for internship opportunities and because that means probably staying in the same place after graduation Columbia SIPA ( no word on finances, though I don’t really want to move to NYC unless it is significantly cheaper than the rest) still waiting on Harvard and Princeton. If I get into Princeton I’m going, and I don’t anticipate any money from Harvard so that’d put that one off the table.
  4. Why did you choose GHD vs the McCourt international development policy masters? What’s the difference?
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