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  1. I'm curious to hear a bit more about this — which schools you do see as "being known for something"? How are those reputations better positioning their grads moving forward?
  2. Thanks for the post, important points that I've been considering as well. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on which peer programs you feel are a safer bet over the next couple of years
  3. In a similar situation. Leaning towards SAIS, given that SIPA aid reconsideration is released after the SAIS enrollment deadline. I would be eager to hear others' thoughts as well!
  4. Also worried about this. Seems like the fluidity of the situation will prevent schools from committing to any Fall timeline before deposits are due...Hopefully programs establish some sort of deferral policy before then?
  5. Any thoughts on SIPA vs. SAIS for geopolitical risk / market-entry type private sector work?
  6. Congrats to all. Question regarding fin. aid...is it true that FAFSA must be filled out in order to be considered for any award? Or are there independent merit awards?
  7. Congrats! Have you heard anything about financial aid from either yet?
  8. Hello all. Any Fletcher applicants around these parts? Did any early admits attend the February open house? Thoughts, impressions?
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