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  1. ^ Honestly, I don't think that's true. I applied last year but ended up not attending for a few reasons: Harris is in the process of rapidly expanding--the class size has increased to almost 577 from about half that a few years ago and is made up of 50% international students. At admitted students weekend, current students stated that there are definitely growing pains in the class size increase. Those things might be pluses to some people, but when I was deciding where to attend last spring it personally read as a bit of a cash cow operation. I am super money-conscious so that's a factor
  2. I'm interested to hear what other schools are doing this fall and the quality of the schools' responses as well. LBJ school at UT Austin Mix of online, hybrid, and remote classes. Large majority of classes are fully online. 70% of students are still located in the Austin area. Lots of zoom hangouts but also socially distanced in person hangouts occurring.
  3. I got an updated funding offer this past week, which pretty much solidified my decision. LBJ is so much more financially accessible than most other schools while also being a top-notch program. Anyway, I've been really impressed by them and am excited to attend next year (hopefully in person). Also, if anyone else is still deciding, the admitted students webpage has a ton of detailed and helpful information: https://sites.google.com/utexas.edu/lbj-admitted-students-weekend/welcome-and-overview.
  4. I got a call yesterday as well!! It was really exciting and I'm so happy. Downside is waiting for funding information and deciding which admitted student weekend to attend (why are they all April 3rd!!?).
  5. After thinking I didn't get in because I hadn't heard anything, I just received my MPAff acceptance today as well, with information about funding, quant readiness, and admitted students weekend attached to the email. I am so excited about UT Austin's program, especially with the insanely low tuition price compared to most other high-quality policy programs.
  6. Congrats!! My USPS informed mail delivery doesn't show anything from USC arriving yet. Oh well!!
  7. Oh, yes, sorry; should have specified. I applied to the Price MPP on the 12/15 scholarship deadline and the decision letter was posted today on the "yousc" portal.
  8. Is anyone else interested in attending USC? I got my decision letter via email this morning at 4:30 am. No mention of funding, so I'm hoping that comes later. USC is one of my top choices because of their strengths in urban planning.
  9. I applied for the non-DC track and my application is still "in review." Soon! Maybe! I hope!
  10. Folks, decisions are beginning to trickle in (looking at you, Chicago and Georgetown!), so I figured a 2020 admissions thread might be in order. I'm a long-time lurker who finally applied to MPP programs this year and have always found these posts super helpful. Previous versions of this thread are here: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014. Format below: Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): Schools Applied To: Schools Admitted To: Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Undergraduate Institution: Undergraduate GPA: Undergraduate Major: GRE Qua
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