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  1. Updated scholarships. Small amount from UPenn. Still, I'm most likely going to be debating between Harris MSCAPP and Berkeley DCP. Will do more research on the curriculum and the different career outlooks from the two programs, maybe reach out to some folks on LinkedIn. Berkeley does a lot of data stuff in transportation modeling but doesn't seem to provide as solid training on statistical foundations and computer science theories used in data science; MSCAPP on the other hand, is missing all the planning, especially transportation eng/planning-focused courses.
  2. What program did you get admitted to at Arizona State? I also got into Harris MSCAPP and Weitzman MCP, debating between going into planning or doing data science + broader public policy.
  3. Update: Berkeley said I'm not getting any fellowship from the first round of funding. They'll see if there's any resources left for me by April 14.
  4. Oh cool! Harris is one of my top choices that is not a traditional urban planning program so I look forward to meeting people who are passionate for policy issues beyond city scales. Hope to see you there!
  5. Anyone going to the Admitted Student Event later this week?
  6. Age/Gender/Citizenship 24/F/Chinese Undergraduate degree/School/Year graduated GIS/Urban Planning/California GPA - GRE - TOEFL (for Int'l students) 3.4 - 160(V) 168(Q) Work Experience: 2 years in transportation planning Letter of recommendations: 2 from college professors (research, courses), one from current employer Schools applied to: (Cornell Urban Tech in NYC) University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy (MSCAPP) UC Berkeley (Planning) UPenn (Planning) Tufts (Data analytics) In: UofC MSCAPP (20%) UC Berkeley (TBA) Out: Wait-list: Awaiting: UPenn, Tufts Results: debating whether I want to fully commit to a planning program and work in the planning field after graduation. MSCAPP seems to offer a more wider range of career options and higher employment rate. There is also a new Cornell Urban Tech program that I'm considering applying to.
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