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  1. Don’t lose hope! I’m gonna withdraw since they didn’t offer me any aid money. Maybe that’ll open a spot for you.
  2. yes i received an email saying i've got a status change
  3. Congrats to y'all! Got accepted too. Early waiting for financial aid info because it says on the acceptance letter than we will "hear from financial aid counselor". I really would like to know how big of a gap they need to fill, as they are admitting so many second batch of waitlisted applicants.
  4. WL roll call. Anyone still waiting? 🤔
  5. any previously-rejected waitlisted student heard anything?
  6. Previously rejected applicant got put back on waitlist here! Does anyone know if there's any chance for scholarship off waitlist? I guess it's slim?
  7. anyone heard anything about their reconsidered scholarship?
  8. ah i got dinged. that basically made the decision for me. guess i'll go to yale jackson. it's great knowing all of you! congrats to everyone who got admitted. good luck to y'all!
  9. I got to say these wild speculations - though labeled wild - sometimes are awfully accurate. The non-accurate ones also helped distract ourselves from the prolonged anxiety. I happened to also be applying to law schools at the same time. The r/lawschooladmission subreddit has even more wild speculations, along with vent, memes, all kinds of interactions that made the law school applicant community lively and ever more united. Yes yes, rationally speaking, our speculations might not be the most reliable source of information for admission, but they provide the emotions support that people like me needed. It'll be too cruel for me to just stare at my email, silently waiting for the results to come all by myself.
  10. maybe @indianIRguy and @HJ95 hit the jackpot
  11. my understanding, based on my research into the past forum posts, is that they don't mean much. there have been people who experienced portal changes being both accepted and rejected. but still, any change is nerve wracking as hell.
  12. i think everyone received MYFAID account. there have been a number of people who were rejected & have posted about changes to their portals
  13. Matt: Fun isn't something one considers when releasing admission decisions. But this... does put a smile on my face.
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA maybe when they tried to upload your fin aid letter they accidentally deleted your account
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