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  1. Financial aid decisions also available now. I unfortunately didn't get any aid 😕
  2. No news on funding - either from my financial aid counselor or on the MYFAID page. Any other 2 year MPAs?
  3. ITS ACTUALLY OUT!! I got in!!
  4. I'm going to go for a 30 minute walk without my phone/ internet to calm my nerves
  5. Decently. For the past 5 years it's always been before 1pm: https://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/183452408863/2019-application-reading-and-decision-process https://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/171900221768/2018-reading-and-decision-process-post-18 https://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/158156506673/2017-reading-and-decision-process-post-20 https://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/140752084188/2016-reading-and-decision-process-post-15 https://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/113346302808/all-2015-masters-program-decisions-released
  6. I am still able to login
  7. New account. Not sure what your hypothesis here is though?
  8. To be honest I don't think I checked the financial aid portal so can't recall changes
  9. Imagine seeing a blogpost saying "we were just testing our systems to make sure they were good to go for the final decision release tomorrow"
  10. Do you mean more than what "justaname" posted in the screenshot? Or the same stuff?
  11. Do we know if financial aid decisions are announced at the same time? Or does that come as an update later on the portal?
  12. Same! But that might be a standard update to the entire portal.
  13. And the email did not have the decision. It just says "there is an update to your application"
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