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  1. None thus far. Has anyone else heard anything?
  2. Anathema

    Oxford MPP 2019-20

    Alas! I didn't get in. It started so well with acceptances and (partial) scholarships from Columbia and Duke but rejections from WWS and BSG have left me deflated. Do we have a whatsapp group or something similar to discuss how to improve our applications for next year?
  3. I am but I am puzzled by what I should do about the mismatch in timings between the programs that I've been extended offers for and the decision of the WB/JJ scholarship. The WB/JJ decisions are, from what I hear, announced in mid-July whilst SIPA and Duke want an answer as to whether I'd be joining their respective programmes by April/May.
  4. Anathema

    WWS Fall 2019

    I am. Wishful thinking I know but it's not over till it's over.
  5. Anathema

    WWS Fall 2019

    Devastated that I didn't get an email. Congratulations to all those who did.

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