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  1. I'm in as well for the MPP. Just got the email from my local Fulbright office. No word on funding as per -- delighted nonetheless.
  2. Thanks. Yes, you should. Their policy on relaying university decisions to candidates apparently vary from country to country but yes the placement decisions ordinarily come in before mid-April. I say ordinarily because timelines might shift with Covid-19. Which unis did you have on your plan other than HKS?
  3. I do. Acceptances from UChicago, Duke and Berkeley. You?
  4. Nothing thus far. Tried calling them -- straight to voicemail. I guess it will be on Monday if not later..
  5. Some of those who got offers for the HKS MPP might also have applied for the MPA at the WWS which is a far more generous program in terms of FinAid. Besides yields are supposed to be lower this time so hang tight; you might still receive an offer from HKS.
  6. Can you guys who got acceptances please post on the main page so we know what kind of profiles got in? https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/post.php
  7. Amazing . Congratulations!
  8. Thanks for letting us know!
  9. Aaarrrghhh I misread your post
  10. Congratulations!!!
  11. I hope by some chance happening the IIE advisor forwards the decision straight to my email address. Can't wait for the Fulbright guys, they're way too slow!
  12. Imagine being a Fulbright scholar and waiting for HKS to send results to IIE and then on to your local Fulbright commission and finally to yourself. HKS releasing decisions is just the first step for us..
  13. I'm in as well. Don't know anything about funding etc. because I received the news through my local Fulbright agency.
  14. They said, "login credentials are changed for security reasons". 😂
  15. Guess what they said when I asked them why they did that..
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