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  1. I just heard back from HKS today, and I am admitted! But no scholarship though. I was already mentally prepared to go to Harris (they raised my scholarship to $30k per year). I am super excited, but don't know what to choose. I am from China, so the Harvard brand is worth way too much than everything. Any thoughts? Good luck to everyone! Look forward to hearing some good news.
  2. Yeah I did! They have a scholarship reconsideration form everyone can fill out, so I did that, but not sure what's gonna happen. Hoping for the best. I think Harris is pretty generous in terms of scholarship, but they are already at Round 3, not sure how much funding is left at this point though.
  3. I'm prob going ot to UChicago Harris with scholarship 25k per year, or SIPA (with nothing), can't decide, but leaning towards Harris for sure! It looks like you've got some great option. Where would you go?
  4. Yeah, maybe some people will reject their offers earlier.
  5. Sending good vibes to everybody. Good luck! I was pretty much going to settle on my offer to UChicago Harris (25k per year, going to argue for more). But now this waitlisting from HKS changes a lot of perspectives. I am thinking to ask Harris for an extension for acceptance of admission, since I am waiting for Tufts as well. I submitted everything kind of late. Does anyone know how financial aids work for people who get off the waitlist? Based on what I saw on this forum and HKS' admission blog, the situation really varies each year. Like @Anathema said, some people prob have better offers from Princeton WWS; plus, the yield might be lower this year. There is basically nothing we can do now. Let's keep the good vibe, and hope for the best!
  6. Hi there! Didn't see a thread for HKS waitlist this year, starting one right here. I got waitlisted for MPP. I was expecting a rejection, so this is a pleasant surprise. I didn't know I was this close. Maybe I should reapply next year if I don't get in?
  7. Congrats to everyone who got admitted! I got waitlisted, which is actually a pleasant surprise since I was expecting straight rejection. A questions for admitted folks, when do you have to respond to your offer? Just trying to figure out a timeline here!
  8. I found this super useful! Thank you. I currently live in Japan, so I already don't have the opportunity to visit the campus. Plus, the current coronavirus situation is making visiting difficult. I am torn between Columbia SIPA (?) and Harris ($$) now, still waiting for HKS (but don't think I can be admitted, plus I think I might be too young to fully take advantage of the expeirence). I want to purse an international policy career (speicifically conflict studies) in international orgs or think tanks. I know the wonderful geographic advantage and network SIPA has in this field, but somehow I'm leaning towards Harris. Just based on the information on the website and from their admission staff, it seems like Harris offers a more personalized experience in a tighter community. Also, the Pearson Institute is a huge plus, and seems easier to be invovled than the research centers at SIPA. Career development wise in international orgs - would Harris be at disadvantage compared to SIPA? Open to anyone with any thoughts. Also, feel free to hit me up if you are on the same boat!
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