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  1. Yes, I'm also an international application and one of those early acceptances. I got 25% merit aid per year.
  2. Yes! I'm also anxiously waiting for the SIPA result!
  3. Congratulations!!! I received the email from the SSP admissions director, and I just realized that the funding info was also indicated in the attached letter, so I'm pretty sure it is real....
  4. Hi thank you for your note! Sorry that I couldn't give you a more sophisticated understanding on the pros and cons as well as the career development of these two programs. I'm still an undergrad, and actually I haven't started thinking about which program is better for me (as I'm also waiting for SIPA and HKS). I'm currently planning for a policy career in security.
  5. Thank you! It says that the formal decision will be released by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences later today, so I guess that indicates the portal change.
  6. Just got an informal acceptance letter from the SSP! It says that the formal decision letter (with funding info) will be released later today!
  7. Just got into MAIR DC straight from undergrad! So excited! Congrats to everyone else who got accepted!!!
  8. Hi! I'm wondering how and when you got notified of the Pearson Fellowship result. I also applied for it but have not heard back yet... Thank you!
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