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As the application season has begun, I felt we should have a thread for prospective applicants for MIA/MPA and other Graduate programs at SIPA (commencing in Fall 2021). We can discuss application related stuff and other other relevant topics here. 

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Also I was majorly close to having a breakdown this morning (from the stress of not knowing), but chatting with everyone here on the forum really helped ease my anxiety. It feels good to know I'm not

Actually--its usually Monday or Friday. Here's some info I found in the 2020 thread, with additions to include actual day.  2020: 3/13, 4:36 (Friday) 2019: 3/11, 6:30 PM EST (Monday)

I'm fairly certain it'll happen today for no good reason besides past knowledge, this forum's affirmations and the fact I've gotten all my acceptances when I thought I would this year. So good luck ev

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On 10/26/2020 at 1:56 AM, realist2020 said:

Anyone applying early action to SIPA? 

I intend to apply but not really sure if my recommenders will send in the recommendation in time! 

Hoping to also submit for the early action deadline! But I do have the same concern about recommendation letters not being submitted in time...

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On 10/28/2020 at 6:37 AM, scholarloading said:

If we are applying early action, are we expected to complete the fellowship essays by Nov 1 or by the declared deadline of January 5? Wasn't sure how it worked for early applicants.

You can submit the fellowship essays by January 5. I have submitted the application in early action round and it allows you to upload fellowship related documents. 

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While the schools are mostly not-so-flexible about accepting admissions material after deadlines, in your case chances are that they will be accomodating as its just an update and moreover you applied in Early Action Round. My suggestion is to send an email to admissions informing them about your offer and attach an updated resume. Anyhow its not gonna harm in any way, so why not do it. 

SIPA tends to finalize decisions by 15 December. You can expect them to roll out anytime after that. Last year the date was 19th December. 

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Hi fellow SIPA applicants,

Urgent question. I applied early too. However, I was just told by a friend that its considered unprofessional to upload a resume that is more than 2 pages long. Is it me or did SIPA ask for a 3-4 pages long resume? I submitted a 4-page-long resume. I can't find where I got this information from but now I am freaking out haha. 

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1 hour ago, yesiwasdrinkinggasoline said:

Are any of you guys career changers or are you all coming from a relevant background?

A few caveats first :

I didn't apply to SIPA, but was accepted to Harris 

I am a career changer but came from finance 


In my experience, having come from a different background is totally fine and even possibly advantageous in your application. You just need to demonstrate your ability to succeed in the quant rigors of the program and connect the dots for adcom (re your career switch). 

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On 12/4/2020 at 9:34 PM, yesiwasdrinkinggasoline said:

I think I can connect the dots- always been creative, and if there’s one thing litigation teaches you it’s cleverly framing arguments. 

As for quant, I’m planning to study my ass off for the GRE. 

And congratulations on your acceptances by the way!

I won’t say I’m career change directly - I work in health policy looking to focus more towards the gender human rights social inclusion side of things , but they are waiving GREs this year if you can show enough quant background. I have very rudimentary data analysis in my background but they were happy to waive GRE for me 

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Got my email at 5:17pm this evening - accepted to the EMPA program. Got into several programs last year (did not apply to SIPA at the time), and had to decline due to COVID. Good luck to everyone waiting!!

One question for this group: what are your thoughts on EMPA vs. MPA? Is there any difference in prestige/reputation? At the end of the day it is the same degree, slight differences in core curriculum (i.e. no Professional Development course).

Thanks for your thoughts & good luck again!

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