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  1. Hi fellow SIPA applicants, Urgent question. I applied early too. However, I was just told by a friend that its considered unprofessional to upload a resume that is more than 2 pages long. Is it me or did SIPA ask for a 3-4 pages long resume? I submitted a 4-page-long resume. I can't find where I got this information from but now I am freaking out haha.
  2. If we are applying early action, are we expected to complete the fellowship essays by Nov 1 or by the declared deadline of January 5? Wasn't sure how it worked for early applicants.
  3. Hi! Thanks for your comments. I have looked at Oxford's MPP and GGD program and might apply later in the year if time permits. I prefer to stay in the States tho! Fletcher is actually one of my top choices, I like the community-centric approach of the program. Also, it seems more flexible than others. Why do you think it will struggle in the future?
  4. Interested in International Affairs and Policy, specifically Conflict Resolution. Applying to (Considering): SPIA Princeton, HKS, Yale Jackson, Columbia SIPA, MSFS Georgetown, Elliot GWU, Tufts Fletcher Undergrad Institution: Top US Liberal Arts college Years out of undergrad: 1 (by Fall 2021) GPA: 3.99/4.00 - Int Studies and Urban Development GRE: 162V 162Q 4.5AW Quant Background: Took a couple of economics classes in college. Will be taking macro and micro econ in Spring from a nearby community college. Relevant Work Experience: Fellowship at top DC
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