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  1. Hi! Yep they sent out a fellowship letter to me with the early acceptance letter. I few people got fellowships early.
  2. Hi! Yeah sure. I graduated from a small liberal arts college in the States last year and now I work at a think tank in DC. My GPA is 4.0 and GRE is 324. Let me know if you have any specific qs! Oh, also I got into the MGA program
  3. I got an email with my acceptance + scholarship letter! My portal was updated to 'decision made'.
  4. Hi! Just got my acceptance to Munk! Surprised at how early they've released decisions this year.
  5. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPA/MPP/MIASchools Applied To: Columbia SIPA, Tufts Fletcher, HKS, Yale Jackson, Princeton SPIA, Georgetown SFS, Johns Hopkins SAIS, GWU Elliott, American SISSchools Admitted To: Columbia SIPA ($$), Tufts Fletcher (waiting on funding), American SIS (waiting on funding), Schools Rejected From: None yet Still Waiting: GWU Elliott, Georgetown SFS, HKS, Yale Jackson, Princeton SPIA, Johns Hopkins SAISUndergraduate Institution: Private top-ranked Liberal Arts CollegeUndergraduate GPA: 4.0Undergraduate Major: IR/DevelopmentGRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Sco
  6. Hi everyone, This is just me unnecessarily worrying but I just realized all my HKS essays are double-spaced. Considering the fellowship essays are supposed to be single-spaced, I was wondering if I had accidentally missed spacing instructions for our application essays. Does anyone know if HKS prefers one over the other? Thanks!
  7. Hi! Waiting as well! Good luck everyone!
  8. Hi! Same here! Quick question about the app--does the motivation letter need to be in a cover letter format or just normal essay format? Thanks!
  9. Hi, Int student studying in the States here! It usually takes them a couple of weeks to update the portal. I had this happen to me with Columbia but no need to worry. You could reach out to them in a couple of weeks if it still shows as awaiting but for now you're good! Mine also shows as awaiting.
  10. Hi fellow SIPA applicants, Urgent question. I applied early too. However, I was just told by a friend that its considered unprofessional to upload a resume that is more than 2 pages long. Is it me or did SIPA ask for a 3-4 pages long resume? I submitted a 4-page-long resume. I can't find where I got this information from but now I am freaking out haha.
  11. If we are applying early action, are we expected to complete the fellowship essays by Nov 1 or by the declared deadline of January 5? Wasn't sure how it worked for early applicants.
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