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  1. I was successful last year, happy to answer any questions.
  2. Why Munk over all the other schools?
  3. You can only get one CGS-M award, doesnt matter what the project is or if you apply within the NSERC or CIHR area. You can have one and only one.
  4. In terms of course work all the MPA/MPP/MPPA programs are more or less the same across Ontario. If you are trying to figure out what schools to apply too I would recommend looking at the following; Tuition cost Coop options (Where they typically are, how long, are they paid, how many, etc.) Check LinkedIn to see where recent grads ended up (Public vs Private vs Non-Profit Sector placement rates) How much funding is available (this was a big factor for me) Research opportunities (working as an RA, completing an MRP or Thesis) Call the administration offices, get a sense for how organized they are, if they seem disorganized chances are thats how your experience will be. If you want my personal opinion, I applied to UofT, Queens, and Carleton, and was accpeted into each. UofT offered me $2000 while total tuition for the 2 year program is about $50,000 (This is the maximum funding they give out) Queens offered me $5000 with a promise to forward me for a few internal scholarships that would cover the rest of tuition. Total cost of the program is about $13,000 Carleton offered me $51,000 with a total program cost of around $17,000. (this was the obvious choice, also helps that Carleton is in Ottawa) Feel free to message me anytime
  5. BTF

    FRQ 2020-2021

    Submitted my application
  6. You should’ve consider a Master in Public Health to Masters in Public Policy. Both fit within your area of interest.
  7. BTF

    FRQ 2020-2021

    It seems that I need either a valid RAMQ card or proof of having one on the way. I also have to be living in Quebec a minimum of 6 months prior to the results of the award being made.
  8. What’s the plan after graduation? Giving you advice is largely based on that.
  9. Look on the schools website under whatever they call their financing page. If you have any questions about anything feel free to message me. I’m in Carleton’s MPPA program and was awarded a few scholarships.
  10. BTF

    FRQ 2020-2021

    Hey guys, I am trying to figure out if I can apply for the FRQSC scholarship. I live in Quebec but have never gone to school here and am attending a university in Ottawa. Any insight would be great, I cannot find anything on FRQs website.
  11. Canada doesnt have school rankings like the states. There are no tiers here. Granted, some schools do have better research opportunities, co-op placements, funding opportunities, etc. However, the course work is more or less identical across the board. If the plan is to move to Toronto, why not just apply for MPA/MPP programs in Canada. You'll have a much easier time getting a job and networking if you come from a Canadian University. I'll be starting an MPPA (Public Policy and Administration) in Canada and am happy to answer any questions you may have about Canadian schools.
  12. BTF

    OGS (2020-2021)

    I was awarded SSHRC for my first of a masters and am applying to OGS for second year. I’ll be working on the same project for both years. Granted, a few things have changed in the initial proposal but I don’t see why I should be writing something different from what the research is.
  13. BTF

    OGS (2020-2021)

    Hey, I will be applying for OGS and wanted to know if it's alright to resubmit the same proposal from the prior year? I won SSHRC for my first year and plan on completing my thesis on exactly what I wrote about, but I cannot help but think that it isn't right to just resubmit the same proposal. Looking to see what you guys think.
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