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  1. Interesting, any past scholarships or publications? Thinking of applying for the DPhil in ICSS in a year
  2. OSAP doesnt restrict you from applying, you'll just likely receive less money OSAP when you declare OGS.
  3. If you are interested in work experience, go to Carleton. Well, for federal government experience at least.
  4. Read the program website, all of your questions answers are on there.
  5. Carleton is simply better than UOttawa for Public Policy and Administration. They have better funding, faculty, coop placement rates, thesis/major research project options, etc. What are you comparing them on?
  6. To the above two posters, Carleton's MPPA has a better reputation and coop placements than UOttawa (MPPA has above a 90% placement rate). However, if you are interested in International Affairs, you will not get that education in Carleton's MPPA, you should have applied to NPSIA. Well, you could take NPSIA electives I guess. Can you achieve your goal of working for GAC or an NGO? Of course, I am in the MPPA program and we have access to plenty of GAC coop jobs. If your goal is work in the federal government you should do the MPPA. If you goal is anything else, do not do the MPPA. Feel free to message me, also, your posts are better served in the government affairs forum page, not social sciences. https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/11-government-affairs/
  7. What are your stats like? Funding is largely GPA based.
  8. 1. I finished the semester with three A's and an A-. the program I'm in curves grades to a B+ and most profs do not give out A+'s so these grades are a big accomplishment for me. 2. Reached out to journal in my field to write a book review for them, they said yes. 3. Just submitted my thesis proposal
  9. Look into SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
  10. BTF

    FRQSC 2020

    Didn't get the award, was ranked 4/9 and top 3 got the award in my committee (8B). Tough lose. Comp├ętences (70) : 58,55 Intentions de recherche (30) : 22,00 Total : 80,55 % I was lucky enough to get SSHRC and OGS though. Still kinda sad about this one.
  11. BTF

    FRQSC 2020

    Are we notified if unsuccessful? I havent received any updates on my portal.
  12. Dont apply to programs where you either do not meet or just meet the minimum requirements, you'll be automatically rejected or not competitive. Apply to programs where you exceed the minimum requirements. If GPA has you down take extra classes and do well to increase your GPA.
  13. As quick as you want. Not sure how the in-person exam is done these days but good luck
  14. Call and ask to be reconsidered
  15. BTF

    FRQSC 2020

    FRQSC results will be released on April 30th. http://www.frqsc.gouv.qc.ca/en/
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