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  1. The only way to guarantee you won't get the award is to not apply. I cant speak to CIHR, but I was successful getting CGS-M SSHRC and OGS for my masters. I had a 3.96/4 in my last two years, no publications, but did complete a thesis and had about a year of research experience. Focus on writing an excellent proposal. The proposal is worth a big chunk of your application.
  2. 1. Are there other co-ops that Carleton provides aside from the federal and provincial governments such as those in the private sector, i.e. consulting? Yes, just less of them. Private sector and consulting is more an MBA thing. 2. How likely are you get funding such as RAships, TAships, entrance awards, whether international or domestic student? Is it oriented with the student being a good fit with respect to the program's areas of research? This is covered on their website. Read that. 3. How would you assess the Carleton's program and your future prospects so far, despite
  3. Are the last two years more important than your overall GPA? Read the program websites. This is covered in the admission criteria sections for all programs. What else would you say made your application stand out? Personal statement, references, writing sample, and CV. The idea is to have a well rounded application.
  4. 1. How would you compare Carleton, UofT and uOttawa from the perspective of an international student? I am not an international student, I do not know. Paying high tuition with little chance at a government job seems like a gamble. 2. Which university would be better suited for a more finance-management-development-policy with a greater focus on preparing one with skills to enter the workforce than research and academia? I don't know, read the program websites and their offered courses. 3. Which side does Carleton tip towards? I don't know, Carleton has several progr
  5. BTF

    FRQSC - Masters

    Is everyone almost done their applications?
  6. The Canadian Government prioritizes Canadian Citizens in all hiring, expect for co-ops. Getting a co-op and then using that to get into government is really the best way for non-Canadian citizens to get government jobs.
  7. No. Do not put undergraduate course papers on a CV. Well, unless you presented that paper at a conference. Then put the conference presentation.
  8. Last two years GPA: 91.04% Overall GPA: 84.34% HBASc in Criminology, BA in Psychology, Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship. Accepted sometime in February-March. Applied to UofT, Queens, and Carleton
  9. No. Improving your GPA is a much better use of your time. I dont know anyone in my cohort who did the GRE. It isn't required for a reason.
  10. Answers to your questions: 1. I would be curious to know what your thoughts are about the economics courses? They are just economics courses. Nothing special or underwhelming, they focus more on the theory and less on the math. The MPPA program is designed to bring people from various disciplines together, this means they cannot provided in-depth courses on any particular subject, especially economics. I did my undergrad in Criminology, my experience with economics is slim. 2. Do you feel like the curriculum is truly more advanced there? No curriculum at any school is "adv
  11. Hey guys, I'm a current Carleton MPPA student and am happy to answer as many questions as you have about the application process, funding, co-ops, research, etc. Best of luck, BTF
  12. BTF

    Trudeau 2021-2024

    Refer to post already about this
  13. Look at graduate program websites to see their admission requirements
  14. any presentations. posters, or publications from your research experience? Did you write an undergrad thesis? I ask because these are things many applicants do not have that would set you apart from them.
  15. Interesting, apologies, I wasn't aware the norm is not publishing in history at your stage. Do you present posters or papers at conferences? Did you receive external funding for your masters? Have you written for none academic outlets like newspapers, trade journals, etc? Maybe been an RA on projects throughout your studies. Have those that received SSHRC outside your institution in history published in academic journals?
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