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  1. Thanks man, if you have any other questions feel free to message me.
  2. 1. When should I submit the application? and are applications processed on a rolling basis? Submit before the funding deadline, usually before the hard deadline. Some schools use rolling admissions and others do not, I submitted applications (Carleton, UofT, and Queens) in November and received offers in late February (Carleton, Queens) and early March (UofT). 2. Should international students go to Carleton's MPPA program? Depends. Carleton's MPPA places most students in federal public service and some outside the federal public service (like myself). Other schools, like UofT, place a lot
  3. Not Mackenzie, but I can answer the same questions. 1. How has your experience been thus far? Mixed, but mostly positive. Some courses are rough, some are average, some are amazing. Most professors were lovely. 2. Do you think scores alone will form the majority of the decision for admission? Example: If a competitive average is 78%, but one gets 90% or close to 4.00, is it as clear cut as that? GPA matters, anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. Is it the sole admission factor? No. Does it play a big role? Yes. It plays an even bigger role for funding decisions.
  4. BTF

    Trudeau 2022

    I'll be applying for the first time.
  5. These scholarships are all a shit show. You seem to have a competitive application. Who knows
  6. Yes, ask. You're turning down $17,500. Did you get OGS at Carleton? Source: got SSHRC and OGS at Carleton
  7. Email the law school(s) you hope to attend and ask. As for your GPA question, the only way to increase it is to take more courses and do well.
  8. - Starting sentences with adverbs is for noobs. - You're applying for grad school, write in full paragraphs. - Your response doesn't address the entire prompt. There was no examination of the argument its implications. You just provided a laundry list of some of the assumptions. - Define your acronyms and be consistent in their use. Vice President (VP). Pick one but define it first
  9. You won a scholarship, not a grant. Here are the regulations for your SSHRC scholarship. Yes, this a NSERC webpage. Yes, this webpage is for SSHRC and CIHR scholarships too. See the table of contents' second section. https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/Guides-Guides/TriRTA-TriBFR_eng.asp#value
  10. Where does it say SSHRC funding can only be used research expenses?
  11. 1. Did you have to learn Tableau or any other software for any MPPA course? No to Tableau and depends on the research methods prof you have, some might teach Nvivo, R, or SPSS. 2. How much readings are involved per courses per week? And, how much writing (assignments - group/individual) is involved beside the final exams in courses? Depends on the course. Seminar courses are more reading and writing than lecture courses. From my experience, the usual seminar course is about 6-8000 words of writing and about 100 pages of readings a week. Lecture courses are highly variable but al
  12. you took an unfunded PhD in a different country? Seems sketchy.
  13. Several students get admitted without funding. Each cohort is different, maybe you had a better application compared to others last time around and maybe the opposite happened this year. I've heard this year has been a bit more competitive than other cohorts as more people are applying. You can always call and ask the admin about it.
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