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  1. I think you should vaguely mention this in the SOP and in the PH really go into it and relate it to your unwavering determination and how that will help you in not crumbling under grad school preparation.
  2. Hi so I have applied to a few programs which required the PH essay but I am not sure if I got those correct (as I don't have results :P). I think your PH should entirely be about yourself and they want you to get personal but also relate it to the program/ school's environment. eg: if you are a first generation student you can maybe talk about the pressure to do well or how you had to struggle for it. I would personally refrain from dramatising it too much because you need to come across as emotionally stable (not sure if this is right but I feel its important given how tough grad programs can
  3. Just that I dont have a necessarily strong quant background but I have good work ex (2 years worth of internships) since I graduated in June this year and have worked after that as well. As for results, I think the site mentions "mid december" so I guess the second-third week of December should be our window. what about you?
  4. Hi! I am planning to apply for the same intake and would love to connect with people who are doing the same!
  5. Hi! I have applied early action but I am very nervous
  6. Hi guys! I am applying for the MAIR program of SAIS and god is it confusing! Would really love some tips/ help from fellow applicants/ current students especially regarding their essays and LORs. They only need 2 LORs and I am confused whether I should give both academic (one vouching for my policy skills and another psychology) or one professional as well. I have highlighted my psycho-political skills quite a bit and also tech so I am confused! help a girl out 😢
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