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  1. Well I think that everyone here is confirming how I’ve begun to see the situation. It’s sad because I got into the school of my dreams and I was so excited to begin this program, but I think a one year delay in the long run will be of modest consequence. Just won’t have a PhD until I am in my 30s...
  2. Thanks for the response! To give more context on the job, I don’t hate it at all, it is actually very interesting and I like my coworkers. I just feel very ready to move to the next phase of my life and move into something that I believe is more meaningful. I think you’re right about the deferral policy though. If it’s generous and the classes are online I will probably take advantage of it but I am concerned they will follow HKS in their very strict deferral policy they just sent out.
  3. I finally decided where I wanted to go for grad school (Yale FES) but I am increasingly worried that all classes will be remote in the fall. I have a modest scholarship, but I would be paying a good portion of the tuition and I don’t know if it’s worth paying regular tuition for online courses. i have been very upfront with my job, currently work in finance, about my position and potentially going to grad school. I was in line for a big promotion in September and they are being very flexible and allowing me to decide if I want it up until mid July. I make good money at my curren
  4. Turning down my offer for Yale FES so hopefully that means a person can benefit from it!
  5. I still haven't gotten an email, worried that means I got no finaid
  6. Got in as well, waiting on financial aid. I hope we find out soon, I hate this waiting game.
  7. SAIS is generally known in the field as the better school but they are both good.
  8. Accepted to the Yale MESc program!!! Excited to see if I have any financial aid next week, but for now let’s celebrate!
  9. I got into the MIDP program with some money but lowest of all the schools so far... probably will decline based on poor financial aid offer. If anyone knows what Georgetown’s renegotiation process is I would appreciate more info on it but given how disappointing my current package is compared to other schools I don’t see this in my future.
  10. Very helpful thank you! I hope they given generous aid but regardless it’s still high up in my choices.
  11. They just called me! I got accepted to the MPP program with $25k a year.
  12. @Sigaba Thanks for the link, definitely useful information on the basics! I think that I have been able to answer many of my questions through this thread: Hopefully that is helpful to others. If anyone has any input on my specific situation based on how the schools mentioned have handled funding in the past it would be much appreciated!
  13. Hello everyone, I recently was accepted to two of my top choice programs, Johns Hopkins SAIS and Columbia SIPA, and both came with some financial aid. I got $25k a year to Johns Hopkins and $36k a year to Columbia with the potential to get a $12k TA position the second year. I am waiting to hear back from several more universities but I was wondering what people think about trying to negotiate for a higher aid package at Johns Hopkins (slightly higher preference) given the aid I was given at Columbia? How does one go about negotiating this aid and when? Should I e-mail the financial aid depart
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