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  1. @LazarusRisesWell, if I do go with SIPA then I will consider deferring to Spring as classes probably won't start on campus in August and I would feel like missing out on the experience by starting remotely. However, I'm also worried about the community feel in the Spring cohort...not sure if everyone will go for this option...Also, as MPA DP student, not sure how they faculty will accommodate the summer placement which usually takes place after one year and if some of us choose to start in Spring, then how will they make it work after just one semester!? So, it depends a lot on facul
  2. Hey, I got accepted into the MPA DP at SIPA and UC Berkeley's MDP. I'm leaning more towards SIPA given the location and access to resources in addition to the brand name. I'm still confused given the research strength and potential at Berkeley's in addition to its focus on development econ. Berkeley's program is run by the school of natural resources which makes me wonder if there will be a slight emphasis on natural resources topics and this inclination towards those topics in their capstone workshops or practicums... After graduating, I'm looking to work in international entities in Afr
  3. @policywonk12Congrats! It must be a relief! I have not finalized my choice yet! My deadline is at the end of the month. What made you choose Berkeley's MDP over the other many programs you were admitted to? specifically MPA DP at SIPA? Also, did they provide a fellowship offer or how are you funding your education at Berkeley if you don't mind me asking?
  4. @Mr. Jameson Congrats! Yes, that is one of the reasons I'm leaning towards SIPA, the practical and management-focused aspect because it aligns with my interests. Berkeley seems to be indeed more academic focused and I hear has some of the best if not the best PHD in Economics in the US given its strength in research.
  5. @LazarusRisesHey, thanks for your comment! Sorry for my very late reply but things have been crazy lately! So, I still haven't made a decision between SIPA and Berkeley. My deadline for both is by the end of this month. It is a very tough decision as Berkeley has provided me with some funding around 16% of the total fees which does not suffice in my case! I'm leaning more towards Columbia given its location in NYC and the access to resources one would get there! Given that I have to apply for external funding, Columbia's name go a long way in my country in addition to being an ivy league
  6. Hi, due to the lack of consolidated info regarding Development Practice, I thought to create this topic to discuss and compare Development Practice programs! I recently got accepted in UC Berkeley's MDP and Columbia SIPA MPA-DP and would like to discuss which do you think is better, in what aspect and why? as well as employment opportunities? networking? Financial Aid options?
  7. Yes, I was wondering about the same thing. I'm an international student, does that mean I will be placed in quarantine for 14 days so I should account for that time and schedule early flights?
  8. @ma1919Could you elaborate please on the risks and benefits regarding STEM/non-STEM degrees? Thanks!
  9. @thedieselNo idea, but I know it's throughout the month of March. I applied to Columbia's SIPA MPA DP program. Anybody else? Also, when does SIPA usually reply? Do dates differ if accepted or rejected?
  10. My prompt was "Describe a volunteering experience you participated in the past." I am applying for the MPA DP Program at SIPA. Thanks for the prompts! Keep them coming for other students! It was very useful for me! Cheers!
  11. Hello, I think reading the editorials is important for the writing and the essays. About the topics, I'm not sure but I believe whatever is of interest or relevant to your program. But, I also believe that any readings will be helpful as you will grab new words for vocabulary in addition to sentence construction too.
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