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  1. Under profile settings, it’d be nice to have a Fall 2020 option for the application cycle. It skips right to Spring 2020.
  2. spider-man

    HELP. PhD plot twist -- advice needed!

    If you don't want to work with any of the other faculty at the program you were accepted to, I think you should drop it and apply elsewhere during the next round of admissions. It's a tough choice, but spending 5 years on something you hate could make you miserable. You can use the year to bolster your resume and try to improve your chances of getting into your number one program, or save up some money so that you're slightly less broke during your PhD.
  3. spider-man

    ~2.9 GPA, different undergrad, plan of action?

    I agree that you should go for a Master's program to boost your credentials. You'll also need a very high GRE score to make up for the low GPA. Did you at least have an upward trend? If you had a rough start, it's something you could address in your personal statement. If you don't think your credentials are up to snuff after that, you could also try applying for a PsyD, but those don't receive nearly as much funding (I believe). The clinical route is very difficult - it's as competitive as med school, but with less spots. If you're considering other branches of Psychology for a PhD, you should still bring up your GPA and get as much research experience as you can.

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