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  1. I think that's it for this cycle for me. There's not really a point to this post other than maybe some kind of closure? I've checked this site countless times a day for so many months, but there's no need anymore, not right now anyway. But, I did want to say thank you to everyone who responded to my questions and everyone who has been so inspirational and kind. You all made my first process a little bit easier, so thank you. Might I even dare to say that I'll miss checking this site for awhile. Thank you all, please keep pushing, I am sincerely SO proud of all of you on this site. Go get those degrees!
  2. I reached out just over a month after the interview, I asked some professors and they encouraged me to reach out at this point.
  3. I'm not really sure if I'm on a waitlist? But I haven't heard anything in over a month, should I reach out to my PI with a similar email as above?
  4. Do you think it would be best to reach out to the DCT (whom I've never emailed) or my PI (also the department chair)?
  5. Hi! If the UTK poster asking about DW sees this, can you DM me?
  6. This entire last paragraph is exactly how I'm feeling. You're not alone in that. I wish you all the best!
  7. Hi! I've posted about this on the "I'm stressed" section, but I'm looking for some advice. I interviewed with my program in January. More professors interviewed than spots available. My PI said they are low on the list and as one person declines an offer of admission, another PI can make an offer. They said it could be several weeks to hear back since the interview was during one of the first interview weekends and people would need time to make decisions. However, it's been a month since then and I haven't received any updates, but I know at least the first 5 offers have gone out. I don't have any other offers so emailing doesn't make sense because I'm not asking for decision making purposes. But, is there a point where it is acceptable to email about status? What would you do? I know being patient is important but I'm going to need to start planning things one way or the other at some point.
  8. So basically my program has 5 spots but 9 professors interviewed. My POI said they are low on the list, and essentially as people decline offers, the next professor can make an offer. It's been a month since the interview and I've heard nothing. I know being patient is important but it's getting to be difficult. What if I'm waiting but I'm not even the first on my PI's list? What if they don't even get to make an offer? I just want to know one way or the other and I really don't want to wait until April to find out.
  9. Has anyone else heard anything from UTK since interviews? Hoping to know something soon!
  10. As week three of post interview waiting nears an end.. I am almost numb to the waiting, I am searching for answers but also backup jobs, I am slowly drifting off to sea. I shall write back when I befriend a whale... But seriously, I am wondering how long it can take to hear back? Waiting until April sounds awful at this point. Trying to distract myself with all the cookies!
  11. I would try not to freak out too much about your shoes. I ended up wearing my chelsea boots instead of my dress shoes because it was raining all day and we had to travel to the clinic site. I just opted for what was more practical and comfortable for me, but many people were also wearing high heels in the rain and no one said anything or cared that I could tell. If you need snow shoes, go for it but no one will judge your heels either!
  12. And now it's the weekend again and the wait continues on to next week
  13. No, in my experience I was mostly just asked about why I chose to study what I did and a little bit about my findings. I also spoke a little about presenting at conferences but we barely talked about my research in terms of methods or anything like that. Mostly just WHY
  14. I'd like to add that mine was also really fun, I didn't really know that an interview could be fun but it really was.
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