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  1. Hi everyone, I'll be going to Guelph for my MA in Applied Social psychology starting this Fall. If anyone else is going to Guelph, feel free to message me
  2. I would definitely contact the school if you do get the funding. I was told by various schools that you should contact them should you receive funding as they may be able to find a fit for you in that case. I don't see any harm in trying! Good luck!
  3. Honestly, not much, since I was able to get a lot of research experience during and after undergrad. What changed was the fact that the program did not require GREs (my application kept getting thrown out because I did not meet the minimum requirement for the GRE score (specifically, quant).
  4. Also I should mention it was NOT a psychology program. It was a Health & Rehab Sciences program (very similar research was being conducted).
  5. Just wanted to share something with everyone that I hope will help - when making a decision, it is not only research fit that matters but also how the POI is as a human being (personality/ethics/mindset) that will make or break you in grad school. I got accepted after 3 years of applying, and found out that my supervisor was super nice during the interview but quickly turned unsupportive, toxic, exploitative, and overall horrible when the semester started. I thought this was all in my head or that I'm too soft, but it turned out that 3-4 other students have filed a complaint against them in th
  6. Definitely not! I applied for a different program (Applied Social psychology) and they're still sending out invitations for interviews so I wouldn't assume a rejection just yet!
  7. Anyone have any information/experience regarding Interview Day at Western? I've applied to the Social Psych program but I know the Interview Day is the same for everyone. Thank you!
  8. OMG first time in my life I've been looking forward to Mondays! Good luck everyone, hopefully we hear back from more schools this week! 🤞
  9. Just wanted to add to this - I recently checked my RAMSS portal and under "Communications" I had 2 messages that were not sent to my email address. It's good I ended up checking the portal itself. Thankfully they were just emails acknowledging receipt of the application and the second message acknowledging a complete application (all documents received). I would definitely recommend checking RAMSS just to be on the safe side!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm trying to decide between two schools, any help is super appreciated! Western: MSc in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, a project I'm very excited about, a supervisor that's helpful and challenging at the same time, and tuition waiver. My parents are also considering buying a house there for investment purposes and it seems better to be to pay them the rent rather than someone else for an apartment. UBC: This has been my dream school. MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences, a project that's doing great and that i'm excited about, a supervisor that's helpful, an
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