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  1. I'll be there presenting a paper on "Trauma-informed care systems for adolescents involved in the justice system" I'd love to connect
  2. Reach out and inquire! Let them know you're still very much interested and that you'd appreciate an update on the status of your admission. I know at this stage many people are sending emails, but I think it's also fine to call the program assistant or coordinator if their number is on the website (might get a quicker response). Good luck!
  3. From reading your post, it seems like school A is the right choice. You wrote about it passionately and the fact that you HATE the location of school B and you think you would be unhappy there is a major downfall; imagine how terrible your 4+ year experience would be if you hated where you lived and it wasn't even close to family? I also will be working with a -relatively new- PI at my school and I'm INCREDIBLY excited about it. From speaking with others in similar positions, newer PIs are 1) really motivated to publish and earn their tenure, 2) hands on, involved, and provide a lot of feedback and 3) in many cases, are more similar in age to you which sets the stage for a beautiful working relationship and deeper connections with that person than if you're working with someone that is 20-30 years older. Also, just because your main PI is newer, that doesn't mean you aren't also able to collaborate with and learn from the more experienced faculty! School A all the way
  4. I wouldn't worry yet! Most of the responses I got from my post-interview emails were also very cordial and vague (if I got a response at all). Try not to read into their wording too much, I'm sure they all got many thank you emails and are just responding en-mass!
  6. School: City University New York (CUNY) John Jay College of Criminal Justice Concentration: Clinical Psychology Type: PhD Date of Acceptance: 2/13/19 Notified by: Personal email from DCT and POI extending unofficial offer of acceptance with fellowship funding; official offer to follow later this week. FIRST ACCEPTANCE, I'M SO RELIEVED! This was my top choice of programs so I will absolutely be accepting this offer PM if you'd like more details or if you are also planning on attending, I'd love to connect.
  7. OMG could you imagine just having to fill out 1 standard application, in a single portal, and only sending your transcripts to 1 place.... We all deserve a medal for enduring the ridiculous amount of processes to complete in order to just submit a single app! Kudos to us all hahaha
  8. If the recent SFU posters are inclined to share their PIs or more information about their offers, PM me please Anxiously awaiting news over here.... virtual crickets in my inbox.
  9. I am a child/forensic applicant and I applied to 10 forensically focused Clinical PhD programs this round (including interviewing at John Jay). PM me if you want more info or to talk with another forensic focused applicant! Definitely a harder field to get into and to get relevant experience, but there are a ton of options at the grad level!
  10. Anyone heard from SFU post-interview? I think I read that they were discussing admissions decisions on Thursday, so just wondering if anyone has an update from them (p.s. where are the emojis for stress-sweating and email refreshing?) I never thought I'd have the experience of wishing the weekend went by faster...
  11. It's a personal preference. I wore a full pantsuit with a jacket to my interviews (jacket was a great way to hide my stress-sweating lol). I had considered not wearing it, or wearing something less traditional than a pantsuit in order to "stand out". I eventually decided to play it safe and go the more traditional route; the feedback I got from others was that generally you should wear whatever you want and are most comfortable in, BUT it is better to play it more conservative because you never know how conservative or old-fashioned your PI/another faculty might be.
  12. I've interviewed with multiple non-PI faculty members for EVERY interview I've had. This is very normal and even encouraged because the other faculty can give you a better understanding of the program as a whole and what other researchers are doing (also because you may be collaborating with them or their students)! They will likely ask you questions like "Why do you want to work with Dr. H...." instead of about their research/projects, and I would take advantage having the extra interview time to talk about other experiences or project you did not get to discuss with your PI. All the professors you interviewed with will collaborate in making the decision of who to accept to the program, so the more you can speak to them and make a good impression, the better off you are. Good luck!
  13. I relate to this so much! I seriously pulled out my phone and made LinkedIn connections right there with a lot of the people I met so I could follow their career and, who knows, possibly collaborate with them in the future Always a pleasure to meet so many talented individuals with similar interests!!!! Thanks to all the fellow applicants that made my interviews that much more enjoyable!
  14. PSA: As acceptances start to roll in, this is just a friendly reminder to everyone from someone with lots of contract experience, NEVER ACCEPT A POSITION UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR FUNDING PACKAGE IN WRITING (unless, of course, you are not expecting funding). Even if it is your top choice and you've been dying to go for the last 20 years... I cannot stress enough; get that s**t in writing.
  15. No one has ever asked me to see any of my publications listed on my CV... I wouldn't worry about it too much! Seems unlikely they would request a copy unless you are using it to cover some sort of requirement (master's thesis requirement, etc.)
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