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  1. the GRE not being needed this round of applications was definitely my saving grace lmao I don't think I scored higher than 151 in either area. apart from that I had good GPA however only ONE OF my LOR was from someone in academia
  2. thank you!! University of florida! But it wasn't for a clinical/counseling program. I think one thing that definitely helped was that I had contact with my POI before the interviews. I emailed her about my interest in the fall and she offered to meet with me so we talked then. I also attended a virtual conference she was speaking at and emailed her some thoughts/questions a day later. I did everything I could PRE interview time to make sure my name was on the forefront of her mind. When it came time for the preliminary interview I was panicky and didn't know how to prepare so
  3. So I also haven’t taken on a masters because the financial stress isn’t something I can feasibly do. I won’t say it’s been easy but it’s been doable. I already had a job throughout undergrad that was able to accommodate my schedule and when I got a volunteer position at a research lab my paying job continued to be flexible with me. While doing this won’t increase your GPA it will increase your experience and I think you can get into programs even with your GPA. I think the trick is to sell yourself in the right light. Sucky things happen!!! Sometimes it’s our GPA. sometimes it’s lack of a mast
  4. I guess I did great during my preliminary interview because my POI just invited me to an official one next week and told me she was preparing an email to introduce me to her lab if I was still interested AND OF COURSE I AM. I am so shocked. On Monday when we had the preliminary interview, she told me to expect to hear from her in a few weeks..............its been THREE DAYS. I am so happy.
  5. I wanted to add that this is my third time applying to phd programs. The first time around I only had 6 mos experience and my Alma mater actually interviewed me! It was exciting! But I only had a bachelors and again 6 mos. research experience. It was a blessing in disguise being rejected. My second time I was still stuck on applying to clinical psych programs. My general research interest is pretty unique? I learned after my second round it would be best for me to apply to more behavior focused programs. Before the third round and before Covid I decided I was going to stick with what I knew. I
  6. I would say if it was a top choice program/POI/you had contact before it wouldn't hurt to send a follow up. They may be able to offer some valuable insight on ways you can improve for next time! Whether it's common or not I'm not sure matters. What matters is that you do what you can to access feedback, and ultimately, learn from something that can be shitty and discouraging.
  7. Had my prelim interview yesterday and while I think it went well I can't help but overthink some of my answers and regret some of them 😅 i tried to prepare for the interview, but it was nothing like i expected! My POI and I have been in contact with each other multiple times over these last few months. Most of our interview involved her explaining to me what the next step in the process would be and how the program works at the school (qualifying exams, entering the phd program without a masters, the coursework load, special certifications, etc). I think she asked me 4 questions max and
  8. This is my third cycle, so I understand that feeling. What I've done between cycles has been really important. I've really focused on research and I've been in a good position where I've been apart of a post-bacc. I haven't made the financial decision to pursue a masters, and where I may be lacking in academic experience, I have an abundance of hands-on working and research experience. Being rejected is never easy, but now it gives you an edge where you can learn from this 'failure'. How you respond to this will be important.
  9. I found this google doc on reddit last night with a various different questions and advice! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z6lq4AHhJTcTh3PX_YbN6W1u645Gl_a8gIaOT8bhFY0/edit
  10. ahhh can you let me know how it went? I've spoken with my POI (university of florida) over zoom before (back in September) but I have an official preliminary interview in a couple weeks and I'm psyching myself out 😞 I know they might be different, but would you say yours was primarily conversation based?
  11. I have no idea what to expect in preliminary interviews and I am psyching myself out lmao that being said after I scheduled the interview my POI got in touch with me about a fellowship for black and hispanic students and recommended I apply so YAY for her already looking out for me!
  12. I applied to UFs behavior analysis program and I'm sure it could be different from the clinical, but my POI reached out directly to invite us to preliminary interviews earlier in the week. I was told that other POIs are on their own time constraints. don't give up hope yet!
  13. I received an email from my POI to fill out a survey before I scheduled a preliminary interview and WHEW is this thought provoking. I started answering some but found I had to sleep on some of the questions. I have to keep reminding myself to be honest and TRUE. I don’t need to write down what I think they want to read. I need to write down exactly how I feel.
  14. Hopefully we all get to find out very soon heheh.........fingers crossed for all of us! It's certainly going to be an interesting experience.
  15. I agree! celebrate being finished with this stage of the process, but also celebrate the fact that you're in a position where you are applying to phd programs! All of us have put so much work into building up our applications and we shouldn't take that lightly. ❤️ We have done so many great things while preparing for this moment.
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