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  1. I sent one school an email back in January asking about applications and they just responded back to me yesterday lol
  2. I think as long as people have a goal everything is right with the world! Even though things haven't turned out the way you planned them, you haven't stopped. Getting your Masters, getting a job as a research coordinator, these are all amazing aMAZING accomplishments. And a 2 WEEK VACATION SOUNDS LIKE A DREEAAAMMM. Also being able to travel and present research internationally??? *chef kiss* I hate sounding so corny, but I really do hope the best for you, whether that's getting into a Phd program or otherwise, you clearly make the best of your situation and that's extremely admirable!
  3. I would try and stay as ready and clearheaded as possible. I know it probably feels like the walls are coming in around you, but you still have 3 interviews left! Those are 3 more chances to absolutely nail it, 3 more chances to get an offer, 3 more chances to get an acceptance. I KNOW it's easier said than done, but I'd hate for you to psych yourself out before your other interviews. Your perseverance is strikingly clear, I'm happy you've stuck with this goal and I hope you continue to do so ❤️
  4. So while I've only received two official rejections and the rest are assumed and this is my second cycle (although last year I only applied to one school, my undergrad, so maybe I won't count that just to make myself feel better) I can say that I won't be attending any interviews this year, which is disheartening. HOWEVER, having another year to establish more of myself I can improve my gre score, save money, and do one of the things I enjoy the most which is TRAVEL and what better way to run away from your problems than a nice vacation. Before applications were due I already had a ticket for Tokyo in march, my cousin wants to plan a trip to Portugal in September, and my boyfriend is studying abroad in Russia for the summer, so maybe I'll visit him there too. 🤩This may be my attempt to make myself feel better, but life shouldn't stop just because I'm sad!
  5. I'm sending lots of love! This is only my second time trying, but that feeling of not having/being able to plan a future or for a future (in my opinion) makes me feel like I don't have any of my shit together. Like you, I want it bad enough to try again, however I think I'm going to take the time and do some serious reflecting and think about what a ten year plan would like like with a PhD program and without one. I feel like all of us have given academia/higher academia so many pieces of ourselves, and I know for myself, in 2020 I'm going to take SOME of those pieces back (I put a lot of my self worth into academia lolll fml) and I think others should try the same.
  6. LOL being prepared for next year actually isn't a bad idea, I personally should start studying for the GRE now I'm hoping within the next couples of weeks I can email some of my top POI's and thank them for previous correspondences and let them know I plan on applying next year because that can't hurt right? I have been doing some post-bacc research just because it seems like a good time being able to leave my home town for a summer/semester, but I'm not too sure how beneficial that will be hahaha. I don't have a bad set up right now, one part time job for money and one part time paid research position for money and well research. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel any pressure to do 'more' and move out or move on or do SOMETHING else. @Chugwater2020 WE SHALL PREVAIL
  7. So...while I should continue to be optimistic about hearing back from schools, that is taking too much energy out of me so instead I'm researching plan B's, C's, and D's...all the way to Z. How's everyone else faring?
  8. I got an interview at the school I work at last year, but got waitlisted, and ultimately, never accepted. And for the most part it DOES suck. I was a little embarrassed, but everyone in my lab (PI and phd students) were sooo supportive and if anyones going to understand it's them.
  9. just knowing you want to upvote it is enough for me <33333333 (but also I had that vision clear in my head from the moment I woke up and had to make it for myself, my friends outside of phd applications/academia do not find me as amusing so thank u)
  10. Yeah I second everyone suggesting to make sure the clothes fit right and comfortably before going. Last year I interviewed at once school (my undergrad) and my button up shirt kept popping open and (me being me) I don't wear tank tops or undershirts EVER so its just full frontal chest. There were a few times I had to walk/sit with my portfolio in front of my chest (which looks super awkward and uninviting) until I could get to the bathroom to button my blouse again 😐
  11. Has anyone heard from University of Central Florida? things have been so quiet......
  12. I have secondhand trauma from this oh my god I'm so sorry
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