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  1. Yes it’s a PhD program! I just had no idea if it mattered if it had been years since I’ve actually been in school. And the OBM faculty specifically states they place value in people with work experience because of the subject matter of the program but I definitely want to try and get this second faculty so I’m going to message her again! Thank you!
  2. I've been totally slacking when it comes to applications. I really need to beef up my SOP and update my CV, but I think I need to finalize the people that are writing me a LOR. 1) A past professor and current research advisor. This will be a very strong letter. 2) My past BCBA (who can also speak on my knowledge of behavioral applications since I'm applying to a phd in behavioral science) from a behavior tech job I had last year. This one won't be as strong because she told me she isn't used to writing LOR, but she would talk me up and detail what kind of worker I am. And I KNOW I should have
  3. @spring2000I second this! I had two really good informal interviews with people and it's only because I had a connection. I can't say for sure how things would have played out if I didn't have that connection, but it's my first year having an informal interview so early, and it's only obvious that having a connection can help. Honestly it can hard to gauge anything through email, so I would continue focusing on your applications and remember that someone's response to your inquiry says nothing about you!
  4. AHAHA okay I definitely meant that the meetings were INFORMAL. They were in fact CASUAL.
  5. Thanks for asking! I ended up having 1 zoom meeting and 1 phone call in the same day! lmao talk about nerve wracking. But honestly, I thought it went awesome. One POI expressed her concerns that even some students with masters struggle when they first enter a PhD and seeing that I only have a bachelors, she would hate for me to feel behind. So she suggested I audit some classes, which I am! I was a little worried she thought I wasn't ready but she emailed me the next day and told me it sounded like I was really ready for this next step in my life and she was looking forward to reading my
  6. i have a zoom meeting next week with someone I'm interested in working with and I'm so nervous lmao.
  7. Honestly, I feel like I can't complain since I'm in a very fortunate position where the program I'm applying completely waived the GRE. However, this is my third time applying to PhD programs so there are a bunch of uncertainties running through my head: Am I ready for this? Should I find different people to write my LOR's? Will I seem flighty if I name two different faculty in my statement of purpose? I honestly wasn't going to try for another phd program. After last year I was going to give up completely and just focus on a masters, but I've had a number of people in my life that have b
  8. I was honestly thinking of drafting up some emails today *insert crying* This is my third round and there are some people that are probably expecting to write me a LOR, but it doesn't get any harder actually having to ask LOL. I honestly was going to give up after last year and just focus on Masters programs and just deal with student loans lol. However my research mentor suggested I apply to a Behavior Analysis specific PhD program (I was always focused on clinical psych before) so I have exactly ONE PhD program. On one hand, that's amazing because I can put all of my attentio
  9. Now that it's September and applications are due in 2-3 months, I'm suddenly panicking.....
  10. I agree about the value of letters from research mentors. I guess it won't hurt to draft up an email to her and see where it leads. thank you!
  11. Hello! I know there is a forum for these specific questions, but I'm sure the answer winds up different for each field. I feel like I'm in a pickle. The first time I applied to PhD programs (two years ago) I was apart of 2 labs and I had my current full time job. It wound up being an easy 3 letters. Unfortunately I had to quit volunteering at one of the labs because there just weren't enough hours in the day. So that was one academic/research LOR gone. Last year, I had my research mentor write me a LOR, my boss at my full time job wrote me one, and I then had a part time jo
  12. I'm applying to a Behavior Analysis PhD program and they officially posted on their website that the GRE is NOT needed. I have never been happier and I truly feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders hhaaha. My research interests include contingency management as an intervention for substance users, behavioral economics, and a new interested in Organizational behavior management!
  13. I have two exciting developments in my PhD Prep. My research advisor informed me over the weekend that she's moving me up to second author since I've helped her immensely on this one paper. It'll be the first time my name is actually on a publication and I'm so excited and it just feels good to be recognized, especially if it's going to improve my application. I've also been given the responsibility of leading the writing of a brand new paper. Recently my lab has collected a whole bunch of data and it's enough to get some research questions going. I'm ready for the challenge, but so far
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