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  2. This is my second round. Last year I only applied to one school seriously and it was my undergrad/current school I do research at. I got interviewed and waitlisted and I think it was because of my low gre scores (which honestly aren't much better this year). What I do have now thats different is 2 years of intense research experience, a better CV, a more succinct statement of purpose and hopefully better LOR. however my gre scores are still painfully low so I'm going to make sure I apply to masters programs as well this time around. I honestly cannot do another year of waiting around lol
  3. Thank you so much for the kind comments! I knew how hard the GRE was for me last year so I spent money on some gre study programs, happy to report that it worked! (If only I didn't panic during the writing portion). Also, I discovered that Uni of Mont lets you submit both scores and I'm hoping other schools will be the same once the initial application is in (:
  4. Ah! Clinical/Health Psych? Good luck this weekend! I'm going to see if my mom will pay/help pay for me to retake it. And thank you for the kind words! You're absolutely right. If I want it bad enough, I have to work hard enough!
  5. 2019 scores 155 V 154 Q 2.5 AWA 2018 scores 148 V 141 Q 4 AWA I have two shitty options to choose from, unfortunately. My scores this year (outside of AWA) look fine for the schools that I'm applying to, but I cannot believe I did this to myself.
  6. I just got my AWA score back and it's abysmal. I scored a 2.5 this year when LAST year I scored a 4. I know I struggled because it was 9 am, I was panicking and I didn't give the writing portion my best, but I never expected to score a 2.5! Last year I did horrible on Verbal and Quant, but at least my AWA was decent. Do I retake? Do I address this in my SOP? Do I try and report BOTH gre scores if the schools application allows? I'm not applying to top schools or anything (Utah State, University of Memphis, University of Montana, University of Central Florida), but now I'm terrified that I'll have to wait another year to apply or drop 40k on a masters program. I'm not even sure if retaking it is an option because it's a huge financial burden. I feel like at this point all I can do is make sure my CV is impeccable (which I think it's impressive) and make sure my SOP's are amazing. I'm definitely freaking out, but here's a list of the questions I have: Should I retake it if I can have my mom pay for it? Do I address the difference between this years score and last years score? Do I forgo PhD dreams for now and focus on not going into too much debt from a MA/MS program? Thank you in advance for any comments/advice!
  7. Schy

    Am I crazy?

    I applied to two schools last cycle and the one was only because I got a waiver for applications. I was really only serious about my 1 application. I got interviewed and then I got wait listed. It sounds like you have a pretty good gig set up? You know what you want to do, you're obviously educated and professional, I don't think you're crazy. However I think it's always a risk to only apply to the one. And you'd be crazy if you ignored that there is a risk involved.
  8. Thank you! I realized they do things differently? I emailed a PI I would hope to work with and she explained to me how different things are from what I would expect!
  9. I'm impressed that you studied for that long! I'm having a hard time sticking to an hour. Do you have any recommendations for how you studied?
  10. Last year I took my test on october 31st and I got them on time!
  11. Hello All! This is my second year applying to PhD clinical psych programs and I'm hoping this will be the LAST year! My GRE was really low (140s for V and Q and a 4 in writing) I'm currently in the throws of studying and recently purchased a program from MAGOOSH so.... fingers crossed! So far I have a list of programs I'm interested in applying and I'm hoping to find more with researchers that have a similar interest! My research focus is evidence based health interventions for trauma victims (ptsd), substance abuse, contingency management, and CBT. I also have a new interest in the behavioral economics of when people make the switch from abusing prescription opiates to abusing illicit ones. University of California at Irvine University of Memphis Utah State University Utah State University UCSD &SDSU joint program University of Texas at Austin University of Montana
  12. Hello! Does anyone know when the applications for clinical psych open at U of M? I wanted to get a head start and just get the very basics out of the way but their application system is a little weird and isn't giving me the option of SEEING how to apply to the clinical psych program. I'm either doing something wrong or I'm on the wrong site. Any help is welcome (:
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