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  1. I have two exciting developments in my PhD Prep. My research advisor informed me over the weekend that she's moving me up to second author since I've helped her immensely on this one paper. It'll be the first time my name is actually on a publication and I'm so excited and it just feels good to be recognized, especially if it's going to improve my application. I've also been given the responsibility of leading the writing of a brand new paper. Recently my lab has collected a whole bunch of data and it's enough to get some research questions going. I'm ready for the challenge, but so far it has proved to be challenging. I've been working in the lab for a long time now and I feel like I've done everything but write on my own. I hope I can get out of this writing funk quickly, because I'd love to have even a draft of the intro by the weekend. lmao
  2. How can I join? It says the link expired!
  3. Schy

    GRExit Thread

    I shall continue studying and crying, thank you!!!
  4. Schy

    GRExit Thread

    I'm a little shocked. I really planned on avoiding phd programs this year, retakng the GRE because my scores suck, and only applying to masters. And now it looks like some of the programs I applied to............have waived the gre completely...........my Achilles heel.......is this fate That being said, can anyone find out if the university of florida behavior analysis program is waiving the GRE? I can't figure it out based off what their website says. https://admissions.ufl.edu/apply/graduate/ I even emailed the psych dept chair to see if she could answer my question or point me in the direction of someone that could 😧
  5. I'm a little concerned about finding a peaceful time to take it. I vaguely remember someone on the GRE reddit saying they took it while they're family was sleeping (so I'm assuming they took it in the middle of the night), but I haven't seen the post again! Other than that, I'm excited about taking the test in the same place that I'm studying. Hopefully for everyone, having the ability to take the test in the comfort of your own home really helps. This is my third round! Like you, my first was a shot in the dark. And I was honestly going to give up because I'm tired of working a dead end job and want to finally be able to go onto my next step (even if that meant taking out loans for a masters). I'm applying to at least one phd program though, so we'll see how things go. The waiting and waiting and trying and trying SUCKS, but sometimes we have to give ourselves a break and understand that sometimes people just get 'lucky'. I hope you aren't too hard on yourself! And I totally get wanting to do certain things before a certain age, but be kind to yourself! I have a cousin who's 31 and in her prime and shes finally finishing a Nurse practitioner program. In this situation, age really is just a number ((:
  6. Was Gregmat around last year? I'm finding him to be extremely helpful this year and this will be my 3rd* time taking the GRE (slightly embarrassed about that, but i'm a HORRIBLE test taker) I was honestly only going to apply to MS/MA programs, but my boss at the lab I work at suggested I apply to a PHD in Behavior Analysis and steer away from clinical. I'm ready to see how this cycle goes, but I definitely don't want to get my hopes up.
  7. Schy

    GRExit Thread

    LOLLLLL what a coincidence! I'm looking forward to going to my first! I only found out about him recently, I'm very happy there are people out there willing to help for almost no money at all.
  8. Schy

    GRExit Thread

    GregMAT is a wonderful source! I think there's some free stuff up on youtube, but to become a member and join his zoom classes its only 5 dollars a month.
  9. I sent one school an email back in January asking about applications and they just responded back to me yesterday lol
  10. I think as long as people have a goal everything is right with the world! Even though things haven't turned out the way you planned them, you haven't stopped. Getting your Masters, getting a job as a research coordinator, these are all amazing aMAZING accomplishments. And a 2 WEEK VACATION SOUNDS LIKE A DREEAAAMMM. Also being able to travel and present research internationally??? *chef kiss* I hate sounding so corny, but I really do hope the best for you, whether that's getting into a Phd program or otherwise, you clearly make the best of your situation and that's extremely admirable!
  11. I would try and stay as ready and clearheaded as possible. I know it probably feels like the walls are coming in around you, but you still have 3 interviews left! Those are 3 more chances to absolutely nail it, 3 more chances to get an offer, 3 more chances to get an acceptance. I KNOW it's easier said than done, but I'd hate for you to psych yourself out before your other interviews. Your perseverance is strikingly clear, I'm happy you've stuck with this goal and I hope you continue to do so ❤️
  12. So while I've only received two official rejections and the rest are assumed and this is my second cycle (although last year I only applied to one school, my undergrad, so maybe I won't count that just to make myself feel better) I can say that I won't be attending any interviews this year, which is disheartening. HOWEVER, having another year to establish more of myself I can improve my gre score, save money, and do one of the things I enjoy the most which is TRAVEL and what better way to run away from your problems than a nice vacation. Before applications were due I already had a ticket for Tokyo in march, my cousin wants to plan a trip to Portugal in September, and my boyfriend is studying abroad in Russia for the summer, so maybe I'll visit him there too. 🤩This may be my attempt to make myself feel better, but life shouldn't stop just because I'm sad!
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