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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you're in this situation 😞 Personally, I think I'd wait. I'm actually doing that now (not applying to masters because I don't want the debt!). The great thing about PhDs is that they SHOULD be funded. You are providing a service to the school and in turn they are shaping you and helping you set and reach goals that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. I'm not sure how things would work in the future if you decided to apply to palo altos program, if there's any chance that it will impede on your progress as a post-doc/PhD I say DEFINITELY don't do it. But if people do
  2. That’s what I did last time. Honestly I only applied to the one because someone brought it to my attention! The program was looking to *expand* and include more disadvantaged people. Like I mentioned before my area of research is super specific. So I took whatever advantage I could and ran with it. When it came down to it she told me verbatim is was between me and someone with a masters. And she wanted to let me know ASAP in case I wanted to apply to MA/MS ABA programs that still had open deadlines. It was actually my first year not applying to a clinical program and I got soooo far.
  3. Best of luck to you as well! I truly appreciate the kind words. Sometimes I have to remind myself that what is meant to be will be, but also, this is a huge world and we all have huge lives and we can find happiness, fulfillment, and our goals anywhere. I am happy she gave me some feedback. I wish I could paste the whole email (I did in the discord lmaooooo). She has never been anything but genuine. I can say for sure this is a psychology PHD program with doctoral training in behavior analysis. I heard from others in the discord that clinical programs are more likely to accept
  4. So I got rejected from the one program I applied to. I feel like I could write a book about why I decided to do that (lol). My research interests are pretty specific/behavior analysis programs seemed to fit/there aren't many people that research what I want to research/whatever. But I did it and I felt good about it. But ultimately I got rejected and the PI suggested I pursue a masters first (in the end she chose a someone with a masters over me IT MAKES SENSE). This is my third cycle and honestly at this point I guess getting a masters is my only choice if I really want to pursue this/a phd a
  5. This is one of the reasons why I didn't apply to certain programs. If I can't tell from your lab website/social media that you're making an effort to be anti-racist than I know that I wouldn't have a good time spending 5+ years in that area/lab. The lab I'm HOPING AND MANIFESTING that I get to be apart of did a really good job of showing its interviewees that they care about social justice. While the PI is white and majority of her doctoral students are white (one latina in the group), everyone made me feel so welcome and we talked a lotttttttt about the disparities in healthcare. As an
  6. This is my third time applying and I can confidently say that the field just handles admissions this way. It's truly abysmal. However, I have noticed that a lot of programs are becoming more self-aware? For example, programs that are deciding get rid of the GRE completely. I do wonder how much the university itself has a say in how a program runs things....
  7. I think academia needs more people like all of us. I sincerely hope each and every one of us reach our goals. I think those of us that stick with academia are going to have to help pick up the pieces.
  8. Hi! I'm actually a research assistant for one of the faculty at Rowan. My alma mater! We just talked (literally yesterday) about all the applications that the department received. Invites definitely haven't gone out, but they will soon! If you have any questions I can try and help!
  9. Seeing as I recently made an academic twitter...... does anyone want to become mutuals? Dm me for my @
  10. the GRE not being needed this round of applications was definitely my saving grace lmao I don't think I scored higher than 151 in either area. apart from that I had good GPA however only ONE OF my LOR was from someone in academia
  11. thank you!! University of florida! But it wasn't for a clinical/counseling program. I think one thing that definitely helped was that I had contact with my POI before the interviews. I emailed her about my interest in the fall and she offered to meet with me so we talked then. I also attended a virtual conference she was speaking at and emailed her some thoughts/questions a day later. I did everything I could PRE interview time to make sure my name was on the forefront of her mind. When it came time for the preliminary interview I was panicky and didn't know how to prepare so
  12. So I also haven’t taken on a masters because the financial stress isn’t something I can feasibly do. I won’t say it’s been easy but it’s been doable. I already had a job throughout undergrad that was able to accommodate my schedule and when I got a volunteer position at a research lab my paying job continued to be flexible with me. While doing this won’t increase your GPA it will increase your experience and I think you can get into programs even with your GPA. I think the trick is to sell yourself in the right light. Sucky things happen!!! Sometimes it’s our GPA. sometimes it’s lack of a mast
  13. I guess I did great during my preliminary interview because my POI just invited me to an official one next week and told me she was preparing an email to introduce me to her lab if I was still interested AND OF COURSE I AM. I am so shocked. On Monday when we had the preliminary interview, she told me to expect to hear from her in a few weeks..............its been THREE DAYS. I am so happy.
  14. I wanted to add that this is my third time applying to phd programs. The first time around I only had 6 mos experience and my Alma mater actually interviewed me! It was exciting! But I only had a bachelors and again 6 mos. research experience. It was a blessing in disguise being rejected. My second time I was still stuck on applying to clinical psych programs. My general research interest is pretty unique? I learned after my second round it would be best for me to apply to more behavior focused programs. Before the third round and before Covid I decided I was going to stick with what I knew. I
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