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  1. Well, I know my boss definitely doesn't, so I don't think all PIs do. I'm not sure about the other people in the department, but I'll ask our grad students if they're around and see if they know!
  2. My guess is relatively soon but I can ask my boss
  3. They're still reviewing applications! The interview day will be March 6 though.
  4. For the University of Michigan clinical psych invite, would you mind direct messaging me your POI? Thanks
  5. UNM hasn't even met to review applications yet, so it'll definitely be a minute! I believe in the past they've extended interview invites end of January or early February and interview dates have been later in February.
  6. Yeah, I totally agree. I think it was one of their undergrad office assistants though, so my assumption is probably they'll go out within the next week. I mostly just wanted to see if all of the invites had gone out haha.
  7. For anyone waiting to hear from LSU, I just called them and was told that all of the invites haven't gone out yet and they'll continue sending them, but that we should hear within the next two weeks!!
  8. If you have a septum piercing, depending on the kind of jewelry you wear in it, you can just flip it up into your nose while you're there so you don't have to take it out! That's what another one of the coordinators in my lab does on days she's meeting with study participants.
  9. It looks like a lot of LSU invites have gone out but I cannot for the life of me tell if it's all of them. I emailed earlier this week but haven't gotten a response so I was contemplating calling them today to see if they can tell me if all of the invites have been extended.
  10. Wear leggings/yoga pants/sweats on the plane and change into jeans either before you get off the plane or before you meet up with whomever is giving you a ride!
  11. Same boat! Technically I only have one official rejection, but we all know how it feels to see interviews rolling in while your inbox remains empty. I'm vacillating wildly between getting over myself, studying to retake the GRE, focusing on publishing, and refining my research interests or completely changing everything and maybe applying to law school or international fellowships. It depends on the day!
  12. I think it a suitcase is totally fine, but I wouldn't bring a massive one. Also I 100% recommend a steamer instead of an iron. It's faster, often more portable, and works with more fabrics.
  13. I think at this point, it's totally reasonable to reach out to the department just to make sure, although given the proximity to the interview days, chances are good they're probably all out.
  14. I think it really depends on the PI. For example, they may be uncertain about a candidate and want to do a call with them but they know for sure they already want to invite another candidate as well. Unfortunately, it's impossible to really know.
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