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  1. I’m definitely no expert here, but last cycle I used an anecdote from one of my clinically-oriented positions as an introduction, from which I pivoted into my graduate goals. I had one POI comment positively on this, as well as on the generally well-written prose. Can’t understate the importance of the last point!
  2. For what it's worth, I'm holding off until after the semester starts. Many POI's don't know until the fall (although I have seen a couple of mine indicate their status already).
  3. Welcome back! Technically my third year, too, I hope something finally sticks for us! 🤞
  4. A bunch of us applicants from last cycle started a discord to discuss various aspect of the process; I'll drop a link here if anyone is interested. https://discord.gg/89KAgeTS
  5. Hi folks, Now that we're finally coming down from the last cycle, I thought it might be helpful if we processed the things we learned and experienced. For those who were rejected, what do you wish you had done differently? What particularly caught you off guard? What do you plan to do this year to boost you for the next cycle? Etc. For those who were accepted, was there anything about your approach to applying/interviewing that you felt really boosted your candidacy? Anything you think future applicants should focus on? Etc. I'll start; for reference, I was not accep
  6. My impression is that most positions are at least partially in-person, certainly with the expectation that they will be increasingly so as the months pass. Are you only able to work in your immediate area? I'm afraid that alone will be your biggest problem moving forward; I can spend a week scraping positions from across the country and still only find a handful that are relevant enough to me. Otherwise, just try adding in "remote" as a keyword to your search; every once in a blue moon I'll see one (but again, may very well not be an indefinite expectation). Have you tried looking for cli
  7. I’ve been doing basically this but with RA jobs for the last two years. I’m not sure how much longer I can manage it either. At least we’re in good company.
  8. Hopelessness is a natural reaction to the absurdity and disorder of this process. While I haven't quite given up yet, I'm terrified of not getting in this next cycle too. We all know the typical advice for making yourself competitive, but if you follow it to the letter and it still isn't sufficient to garner the attention of programs, how else is one supposed to react? What else is one supposed to do? At what point are you forced to acknowledge that the gates will never open for you, no matter how many moats you might have crossed just to arrive there? Of course this will vary between peo
  9. If I might pitch in my $0.02 - this feels like an ever higher raising of an already obstructively high bar. Many hopeful applicants are exceedingly fortunate to even be able to work full-time in related research, get three amazing letters, and amass various pubs and posters, especially with COVID now. Plenty are stuck trying to work full time in an unrelated job while balancing a few extra RA volunteer hours, much less able to do an Extra Special CV Thing on top of the above. In my local area at least, human services type experiences have been reduced due to the pandemic. This cycle especially
  10. I like checking Harvard's and Duke's aggregate pages: https://undergrad.psychology. fas.harvard.edu/post-graduate- research-jobs https://psychandneuro.duke. edu/undergraduate/research- opportunities-jobs Linkedin couldn't hurt either.
  11. Does anyone have any experience reaching out to POI's for rejection feedback? I've read some conflicting advice as to how helpful that can be. Is it better to try contacting admissions first? Should you only reach out to those PI's you officially interviewed with, or is prelim contact enough? Better/worse idea if you plan on reapplying to the same POI next cycle? Also, is there an ideal time to wait before reaching out?
  12. Well, this has been existentially crushing. Has anyone else been officially roundly rejected? I guess I'm not really surprised that I'm going to be third-rounder, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating, especially since admissions may be just as bad next year. What's stopping me from having to do even a fourth round at this rate? There really is no end in sight for this circus, and I wish we could stop vying so much for the ringmasters' approval.
  13. I can't imagine what's up with this - it has to be a 5 second fix?
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