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  1. I was also advisor focused, but a few of my schools offer a forensic track, which I'll be opting into.
  2. Wow that is early. That doesn't necessarily give people much time to sufficiently prepare between holidays, work, and finals.
  3. Oof, I hadn't though of that. I'm not aware of my local university doing so, let's hope its not a trend.
  4. Don't worry, you guys aren't alone there! I do wonder about the likelihood of interviews going out later given the increased number of apps?
  5. Ha, thanks. 😅 Can't say I was really surprised, but still!... Generally, I expect POI's are going to have the pick of the litter this year, and I'd be willing to bet that next year is going to see an increase in applications as well. COVID pushes some to apply sooner, while it pushes others to wait an extra year. I think it will be a while until things equalize. I just hope I don't end up needing to pick a back-up career. 😬
  6. Do you think it's necessarily bad to have applied to a new faculty member who's freshly graduated? As far as I can tell it looks like this cycle will be their first for taking a student. On the plus side, their old advisor is well-respected in my niche and someone I would have applied to myself had they been accepting this cycle.
  7. Are add comms likely to look down on me if I took a 2-credit elective course pass/fail during my last semester?
  8. I would also be careful about the format of Zoom interviews, especially group sessions, which are especially exhausting. Less is more there! I like the idea of meeting with grad students, but I believe that one-at-a-time enables more focused conversation. Basically, I want to be thinking about the interview itself and not be distracted by its format, particularly given what's at stake. I also support some means of virtually touring the department and other relevant areas! I'd like to have a more concrete idea of where I'll potentially be spending the next 5+ years.
  9. Is anyone including experience that isn't directly psych related on their CV? I've done some generic analyst type work, but nothing that's made a particular difference to my career.
  10. Only one of the schools I'm applying to has explicitly said they won't be requiring it for next cycle. Beyond that, I think it's too soon to say. I'd bet some will, but others won't, especially given the recent vaccine announcement (assuming that works out fine). So if you haven't taken it, I think it's reasonable to start planning on doing so. Just my $0.02
  11. For what it's worth, I didn't send mine where they were not required. Mine were also "okay". I'd rather my experiences and GPA speak for themselves!
  12. Hi Folks, I thought I might set up a place where we can request feedback from our peers should any of us be interested. My PI is being a bit slow in returning critique for mine, so I'd be up to doing a swap with a couple other users for some preliminary feedback. Let's rock it this cycle! 🤘
  13. Are folks sending off their recommendation links ASAP, or closer to deadlines?
  14. I've had this issue myself a few times, I just make sure to include the zone in all correspondence so we're on the same page.
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