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  1. Looks like the psych program specifically considers the GRE "optional." The question remains, is there still an unstated expectation that applicants will include theirs regardless, and will there be bias against those applicants who don't?
  2. Hello everyone, As I'm working on building up my resume for grad apps, I've been wondering if there are any certifications that anyone would suggest for boosting my future employability/appeal to grad schools? I'm pretty open to suggestions, whether it be research, clinical, coding, or other. Any thoughts appreciated!
  3. I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm quite surprised that his advisor doesn't care (I'm sure he would have a different opinion if he was on the receiving end!). Either way, this sort of behavior can't become common place. Could you bring it to a higher-up? That must be against some code of conduct.
  4. Hello forum, I have managed to gain not one, but two interviews for separate psychometrist positions. I'm applying with my BA (min required) and some experience in scoring (but not fully administering) tests. Being hired for one of these openings would make a huge difference in my life, and I want to prepare as well as I can. For those of you who have psychometrist experience, is there any particular advice you can give here? Any specific questions that I should prep for? Best things to highlight about myself? Any input definitely appreciated!
  5. Great idea! Would it be possible for a forensic-specific section to be added?
  6. A pug cafe? What a glorious establishment!
  7. Just got rejected from my dream lab, after waiting an entire month since the second interview alone. Searching for a research position is one of the absolute most maddening and draining experiences.
  8. Thanks for sharing, that's definitely insightful! I don't have any special tricks really - I just Google psychometrist openings (typically found through the usual job hubs), and I lucked out by finding one in my area. Bachelor's level ones are definitely more difficult to find, but you can occasionally luck, out especially if you're not bound to a specific location. I mostly find RA positions through universities or hospitals. Appreciated
  9. I interviewed for the perfect research job a few weeks ago, and they agreed to reach out to my references. After three weeks, one of my old research supervisors still has not responded to contact requests from anyone, and I'm afraid it will end up costing my this rare opportunity. 😓
  10. Hi folks, I've been applying to RA jobs (around 30) the past few weeks, with no real success yet. I've been considering throwing in a few apps to psychometrist jobs, but I've also been hesitant considering these are obviously not research based, and my long-term goal is a clinical psych Ph.D. On the other hand, specializing in assessments is also a particular interest of mine. With that said, would it be worth taking one of these jobs, or should I maintain focus on RA positions? If anyone has worked as a psychometrist, would you be willing to offer insight into the potential value of such a position? Advice appreciated!
  11. I'm not moving there, but I've been quite a few times. The mountains are stunning, and downtown Knoxville is quite fun. I would definitely set aside time to check them out.
  12. I sometimes wonder about this, as it might vary between school. I was looking at the student profiles of those who were attending the programs I had applied to this previous cycle, and they all had directly relevant research/clinical experience. I definitely feel more pressure because of this. Feels like putting my name into the lottery for the Holy Grail. I've started doing this - emailed lab and basically went full circle to "apply on the university site". It's nice to see that this route can work, though, so I think I'll keep at it.
  13. I'm going to second (third?) this as well. It feels virtually impossible to find positions that are specific to my interests, too.
  14. I anticipated that outcome anyway, so it hasn't been a particular shock. At this point I'm focusing on my internship, research with alma mater, and looking for research assistant jobs (here's hoping something will stick).
  15. Ha, don't worry about hijacking, I hoped the thread would be a place for general discussion, too. For what it's worth, I'm interested in time frame as well.
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