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  1. UPenn's clinical program doesn't actually say anything about not accepting students (rather to the contrary): link. I think the announcement made by the Arts & Sciences isn't necessarily overarching, as UPenn's physics program also just announced they'll be accepting anyway. Make of that what you will? 🥴
  2. Personally, I think it's worth giving it a shot, especially if some of your PI's of interest have confirmed that they will be taking new students. I still have 15-20 schools I'm whittling down, and none of those have said they're closing apps for the cycle. Honestly, I feel like clinical programs outright barring new admissions for this cycle are in the minority. And who knows where things will be this time next year! I wouldn't want to rely on things being a total 180 in that regard.
  3. For what it's worth, I had a conflict with a supervisor during a clinical internship I had last year which ultimately ended on a less-than-desirable note. Fortunately, I've filled other roles since then (much better experiences!), which means I can just draw upon them for references. I still keep this internship on my CV, and I've never had anyone directly ask for a reference from that location; my most recent research and clinical experience have been sufficient.
  4. Honestly, the further on this year goes, the more I wonder if it's even worth bothering applying this year - again. This year has been hell for professional development.
  5. I ended up getting reject from the initial one, haha. However, I've noticed that when I get interview it's a sort of "when it rains, it pours" situation (but in a good way)! I ended up getting invitations for five positions around that time, and I'm waiting to hear back about three now. I had a third-round (extra excited about this one) and another first-round today. August has the potential to be very interesting indeed (or very disappointing...)! Bit nervous about how relocation will work, though. Sorry, about the work situation! My current lab only JUST got the funding in to pay me for work I've actually been doing since the fall, which is weird timing considering I'll start a new job soon for all I know. There are some real pros and cons with both spouses being highly ambitious, and self-sacrifice becomes a necessity after a while. Communication is so incredibly vital! Things end up working in "turns" for us as well, and it seems that mine will be next, too. Hang in there!
  6. I'm still undecided - my interest list is almost 30, but I have very little idea of how many of the PIs are actually accepting this cycle. I plan on having the list greatly whittled down by the end of September once I've reached out to more folks. I definitely want to stick to the usual 10-15, although this year has been so weird for me. For all I know, I'll just select a handful I'm particularly excited for and otherwise wait till the next cycle (again). I feel like I'll be ancient by the time I start! On the plus side, there's the potential to save loads on GRE costs this year, so it's easier to afford throwing in a few extra schools.
  7. Yup! I'm part time at the moment, but it feels rather limiting, both in terms of pay and opportunities. I have a hard time imagining that I'll have made any meaningful progress with it by the end of the year (and yes, I know that's still a ways off), so I'd really like to be settled into something new by fall. I hope a new position will let me go remote for a while, now is not a fun time to be moving. 😬 Can't be too picky these days, though. Yeah, I'm still just trying to decide if I even have the energy to email the 25-30 PIs still on my list. 😵 Even with a spreadsheet, it's just so much to be keeping track of.
  8. I can relate, especially as it feels too early to be making any substantial efforts on apps (although job-hunting is a pretty good distraction), but it seems like there should be something I ought to be working on? Honestly I feel like I've been fighting for my future since I graduated. 😅 I think I'm going to wake up in September in frozen horror.
  9. This is exciting! I haven't heard of this possibility before, but I hope they announce more info soon! Some of the PIs actually look interesting...
  10. This year has been so crazy and I just need to vent for a minute. I went from having no interviews since April to three in about a week! All at good schools, too! I feel like things might finally be starting to head in the right direction for me (knock on wood...). Has anyone else been hearing back more from RA jobs recently?
  11. Hi there! I'd generally agree with the assessment that this is a pretty close call either way - you would definitely benefit from another year of experience (who wouldn't?), but you might have a chance with less competitive schools. You would have to really nail research fit and presentation of your skills/experiences. Shout out for the psychopathy interests by the way, that's my area of interest, too! I've done loads of research on programs, and I can say that the popular programs with explicit forensic specialties (Fordham, John Jay, Nebraska-Lincoln, etc) can afford to be picky about who they accept. Researching your programs of interest and looking at the backgrounds of current students is an excellent way of gauging if you're up to snuff. In terms of your current position, I would definitely initiate a conversation with your PI (if you're comfortable enough) about taking on greater responsibilities. Authorship is worth a great deal, even just having a manuscript in preparation by application time is better than nothing.
  12. I sympathize with you on the family front. My spouse and I aren't trying to have a child at the moment, but the future possibility of it is something that impacts our conversations now regarding career/academic moves. And did I mention that my spouse wants a PhD in a highly specific field as well? To say things have become convoluted is an understatement. I think you should be proud of yourself for getting that MA though! At this rate I'm planning on applying to a few myself, although so few of them are funded. You're not crazy, all we can do is our do our best with what life gives us! Out of the blue, I have my first RA interview in three months tomorrow; hopefully it's a harbinger of better things to come.
  13. Has anyone else been using their extra pandemic-induced free time to work on expanding their skillset? I've been learning Python and have started to dip my toes into machine learning. The last few months have been quite the learning curve, but I've started developing a portfolio. Still waiting for a return on investment, but hoping it will pay off in the end, whether it be a job or grad school!
  14. Now I can spend less money on my inevitably-rejected application. 👍
  15. I relate to this so deeply. At this rate, I don't know if I'll ever make it into a program at all, much less definitely by the time I'm 30. Age-related pressure is so real for some people, it feels impossible not to compare yourself to your peers who are well settled into their careers or doctoral programs. No one wants to be the "unsuccessful one".
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