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  1. EileanDonan

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Just got rejected from my dream lab, after waiting an entire month since the second interview alone. Searching for a research position is one of the absolute most maddening and draining experiences.
  2. EileanDonan

    Psychometrist job?

    Thanks for sharing, that's definitely insightful! I don't have any special tricks really - I just Google psychometrist openings (typically found through the usual job hubs), and I lucked out by finding one in my area. Bachelor's level ones are definitely more difficult to find, but you can occasionally luck, out especially if you're not bound to a specific location. I mostly find RA positions through universities or hospitals. Appreciated
  3. EileanDonan

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I interviewed for the perfect research job a few weeks ago, and they agreed to reach out to my references. After three weeks, one of my old research supervisors still has not responded to contact requests from anyone, and I'm afraid it will end up costing my this rare opportunity. 😓
  4. EileanDonan

    Psychometrist job?

    Hi folks, I've been applying to RA jobs (around 30) the past few weeks, with no real success yet. I've been considering throwing in a few apps to psychometrist jobs, but I've also been hesitant considering these are obviously not research based, and my long-term goal is a clinical psych Ph.D. On the other hand, specializing in assessments is also a particular interest of mine. With that said, would it be worth taking one of these jobs, or should I maintain focus on RA positions? If anyone has worked as a psychometrist, would you be willing to offer insight into the potential value of such a position? Advice appreciated!
  5. EileanDonan

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    I'm not moving there, but I've been quite a few times. The mountains are stunning, and downtown Knoxville is quite fun. I would definitely set aside time to check them out.
  6. I sometimes wonder about this, as it might vary between school. I was looking at the student profiles of those who were attending the programs I had applied to this previous cycle, and they all had directly relevant research/clinical experience. I definitely feel more pressure because of this. Feels like putting my name into the lottery for the Holy Grail. I've started doing this - emailed lab and basically went full circle to "apply on the university site". It's nice to see that this route can work, though, so I think I'll keep at it.
  7. I'm going to second (third?) this as well. It feels virtually impossible to find positions that are specific to my interests, too.
  8. EileanDonan

    Post-Interview Anxieties, Worries, Thoughts, Comments, etc.

    I anticipated that outcome anyway, so it hasn't been a particular shock. At this point I'm focusing on my internship, research with alma mater, and looking for research assistant jobs (here's hoping something will stick).
  9. EileanDonan

    CV/Resume & Cover Letter Thread

    Ha, don't worry about hijacking, I hoped the thread would be a place for general discussion, too. For what it's worth, I'm interested in time frame as well.
  10. EileanDonan

    CV/Resume & Cover Letter Thread

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone's advice. I hope to be in a position to pay it forward someday!
  11. EileanDonan

    CV/Resume & Cover Letter Thread

    Hi folks! I thought it might be helpful to create a place where those of us who are looking for a new position could critique/swap our CVs, resumes, and cover letters as well as discuss other topics related to applying to jobs. (I realize there is a "Jobs" subforum, but I felt like a thread with a psych-specific focus would be beneficial). I'll start! I recently discovered the perfect research position (would be my first paid), so I want to do everything I can to put my best foot forward. Some questions I had: Research fit is absolutely spot on, but my personal research experience so far is not relevant to this particular focus. Should I be concerned? The application is hosted on a portal that only seems to require a resume. However, I know the name of the PI - would it be appropriate to email them in addition to indicate my particular interest and attach a cover letter? Would that likely be seen as welcome initiative, or desperate and not following direction? I would love a critique of my resume! I'm happy to swap with anyone as well. Let's make this a productive year! 👍
  12. EileanDonan

    Cold-emailing PIs for research?

    Thank you everyone for the replies!
  13. EileanDonan

    Another "help me with plan B" thread :(

    I don't have any clear-cut answers for you, but I did want to offer some support/thoughts. You're clearly in a tough position, and I can relate to that as I'm figuring out my plan-B as well. I'm also married, to a spouse who wants to attend a PhD program, so I'm totally with you on that one - it's not just your own desires that matter anymore! Balancing goals is complex, and sacrifice is virtually inevitable on both ends. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that huge student debt is rough, especially if your spouse has some as well. That fear is no joke, and you're right to take it seriously. If there is anything useful I can offer, it is this: you will (ideally!) be age 40 either way. Which version of yourself do you want to be then?
  14. EileanDonan

    Cold-emailing PIs for research?

    Hello fellow psych nerds, Having recently graduated and the job app season quickly gearing up, the next best step for me is to acquire a (paid) research position. On that note, does anyone here have any advice related to cold-emailing PIs of interest to inquire about a potential position? Best way to present yourself and pique their interest? For context, I have a BA and have been helping with various research projects since Fall 2017. All suggestions appreciated!
  15. EileanDonan

    ABA therapist - clinical vs. research experience?

    Thanks for the input everybody, looks like I was on the right track. 👍

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