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  1. Yup, I think that means it's passed whatever central body initially collects applications and/or does a basic review and is with the department. Good luck!
  2. Yeah I haven’t heard anything from any of my programs and this describes my life all too well...
  3. Hi y'all! Quick app question: I took two online masters classes in forensic psychology this fall and got my final grades last night; I did quite well. I sent the transcripts without final grades to my schools, but should I also now send transcripts with grades to my schools as well? Not sure if the grades would help me given I don't have a psychology background, or if they'll even be looked at.
  4. Thanks so much for making this! Although the existence of this thread is terrifying...
  5. I'd honestly be ok with this since I haven't gotten any of these emails yet!
  6. Well.... that doesn't make me feel any better lol. Thanks for the update though, definitely better than not knowing
  7. Have people actually lied there in the last? That's pretty shitty given how crazy we all are lol
  8. I can't decide if I'm thrilled or terrified to have discovered this... Thanks! If anyone finds out the POI, would love to know as well
  9. would also love to know this, I applied there too
  10. Portal, Her Story, Life is Strange, a bunch of mystery games. Did I pass?
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