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  1. Hello! Has anyone else who's planning to apply for a psychology PhD (Clinical, Counseling, School, etc) for the Fall 2022 cycle started narrowing down schools/programs/poi and the like yet? I have quite a long list of programs I'm interested in (mostly School Psychology, but 1 or 2 Clinical and Counseling Psych as well) that I'm hoping to narrow down to 7-8 programs by May/June. I know it's still pretty early but I was wondering if anyone else has started the early stages of the process.
  2. Thanks to both of you! I'm still a bit hesitate but my plan for now is to apply and keep an eye on how things go for their first cohort.
  3. They haven't enrolled their first cohort yet so I assume they're waiting for that? Or will at least be submitting later in the year. I'll defiantly contact them.
  4. Hello! I've started looking into potential School Psychology PhD programs for the Fall 2022 cycle and noticed that Pace University in NYC is starting a School Psychology PhD Fall 2021. They aren't APA accredited yet (I believe they need to graduate a cohort first before they can gain accreditation?) but they do have established PysD and MEd School Psychology programs. Both are full accredited. Is anyone applying for Fall 2021 (or considering Fall 2022)? They say on the website that they're expecting to gain full accreditation but I know it won't be for a while. I'm a native New Yorker and would defiantly love more options nearer to home but I'm not sure if the risk is worth it.
  5. Update: went ahead and emailed to clarify. They meant email, they just used some weird wording. I just need this final rejection to come in so I can move forward with my life.
  6. So the most random thing happened: Temple emailed me after nothing but silence. I know it has to be a rejection at this point, but rather than just tell me, they send me an emailing a decision has been made and that they will mail me more information shortly. So I'm kinda confused. Did they mean email? But then they used the term email when referring to something else in the same message. Anyone here deal with Temple and their notifications? Should I just email and ask if they mean physical mail or email? While it's very likely a rejection, I kinda just want to put all of this behind me. On the positive side, Fordham awarded me a scholarship. It's not the biggest award, but it's something!
  7. An update: I went ahead and accepted Fordham's offer. It feels nice to kinda have an idea of where my life is heading (at least for the next few years) and now I have time to apply for fellowships and improve the weak parts of my application before reapplying for the PhD next cycle. Now I can breathe and focus on finishing my current degree. Good luck to everyone else still going through the process/making decisions!
  8. So I heard back from Fordham this week! Was rejected from the PhD but was accepted to the PD (aka what NYS calls an EdS), which to be honest is what I expected to happen. I think I'm going to take it and reapply to the PhD next year (when I spoke with a faculty member at the open house in January she said it wasn't uncommon for someone to do a year in the PD and then reapply for the PhD) as I really liked Fordham. This would give me time to form connections with faculty and improve what I know were the weaker parts of my overall application (my GRE scores were terrible and I know it). Overall I'd say this application process hasn't been ideal but it hasn't been terrible; I've learned a lot and I know what I can do to improve for next cycle. Though I still haven't heard anything from Georgia State. I might wait for a while to hear from them before making any concrete decisions but I'm leaning heavily towards Fordham. Not having to uproot my entire life to another state would be nice.
  9. Hey, has anyone who applied to Fordham heard back yet? I know the interview was only like last week but I'm nervous.
  10. Got my *official* rejection letter from UVa today. Already figured as much, what with applying back in December and only hearing back now. Oh well. On to the next.
  11. NYC Native here. NYC has a huge and constantly growing Chinese population, especially in the Flushing area of Queens. New York is also one of the few states to offer bilingual certification for School Psychologists, but I'm not sure if it's only in Spanish or if Mandarin is one of the languages (but I know teachers can get certified bilingually in English and Mandarin). Hope that helps.
  12. Thought I'd check it since I haven't for quite some time. Got rejected from Loyola. Kinda disappointing, but it is what it is. Haven't heard anything back from UVA or USC. I was rejected from Georgia State but was offered an interview into their masters program which I think went well. I did receive an interview offer for Fordham's PhD program, which I'm excited for. I actually got to go to the open house and speak to some people; if I get it, it'll be a good fit (and mean that I could live at home and save money). Kinda focusing on my current degree right now, but still hoping for the best.
  13. I have 5/7 done, but the other 2 aren't due yet so I get a little breather. I'm only missing 1 LoR for one program, but the online form said it's in progress, so I'm going to trust him. Now I get to focus on finishing the semester
  14. Hello Everyone! First post here! I'm currently applying for School Psychology PhD programs. I have 5/7 submitted (the other two are due December 15th and January 15th). Most of my transcripts have been sent, but I'm not sure if they've been received. But hey, all 3 of my recommenders have submitted there stuff (well, except for one LoR for one school, which is fun, but I trust him). The waiting game can now officially begin.
  15. I actually considered applying to UB, if anything because it's SUNY and that would have meant in-state tuition. Interesting research topic & solid school choices. Good luck!
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