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  1. Oh no!! Time zone differences are the worst. I've made my fair share of mistakes surrounding time zones!
  2. How much prior research experience do you have? Are you only applying to one program?
  3. I usually asked questions that might be inappropriate to ask a potential mentor, or that would be better answered from a student. This includes questions about lab culture, grad student duties on current projects, program environment, and questions about the PI's mentoring style. Sometimes I also ask about practicum experiences if I'm unsure what is available. It is super helpful to get their feedback!
  4. Our psychology PhD lord & savior Dr. Mitch Prinstein held a zoom meeting about "Getting Into Psych Grad School During the Time of COVID" and has a lot of helpful tips about all aspects of applications. Link is below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-5DjLRKCHQ&feature=youtu.be
  5. Hey! I have similar research interests as you - how trauma impacts parent-child interaction/functioning and the various intersectional contexts that might influence this. I'm wondering why you aren't interested in clinical psychology? I actually considered a developmental degree but had a hard time finding folks that were doing trauma research. I'm interested to hear if others have different experiences, but most of the trauma research I've been able to find tends to be housed in clinical psychology programs. Ideally, I was hoping to go to a developmental-clinical dual program, but those
  6. I will say the majority of my programs seem to only require unofficial for the application. They stipulate that if offered admission, then you'd have to send in official transcripts before beginning the program. I feel you on sending multiple transcripts....I have *5* different transcripts to send because I was a flighty undergrad who attended 4 different schools before earning my degree 😅 I wish they would just accept the transcripts where a degree was earned!
  7. Hi, I'm not an intern or postdoc but I do work at a VA research center. We also received notice that all diversity trainings have been stopped. It's absolutely awful.
  8. I don't think it looks bad to use the same letter writers, but you might want to talk with them about what they will say in the letter. Did you give them any guidance about what skills/characteristics you'd like them to highlight? And I'm also curious who the third writer was last year!
  9. Hmm this is interesting, because you do know her in a professional capacity. My gut is telling me that a parent for whom you nanny is not a good choice of a letter writer, but I'm interested to hear what other folks have to say
  10. I wonder if they will be taking student from their current programs as new cohort members for the clinical psych track - I've seen other programs note this in their Student Outcomes Data PDF. Other than that, I have to think they are going to be deciding on admissions in a relatively similar manner to any other program UCI is such a reputable university that I can't really foresee any issues with internship matching when the time comes, especially if they have contingent accreditation, but of course there are always possibilities of hiccups for the first cohort
  11. I would definitely not wait until December 1st on the dot, because tech fails do happen. But as far as an advantage to applying early, that doesn't usually have any impact on clinical psych admissions. They typically gather all apps and take them to admissions committees on the same day.
  12. I just saw on UMN's program website that they may not be able to take a cohort this year, and to check back before submitting an application on December 1st. this is for their clinical science and psychopathology research program. Here is the link: https://cla.umn.edu/psychology/graduate/how-apply
  13. As far as I know, this is fairly program dependent. Sometimes, they will accept a master's thesis if it fulfills certain qualifications. I personally wouldn't count on many courses being applicable.
  14. Soo I took the plunge and started my online applications today...it's getting more and more real every day! I have moments of panic but overall looking forward to getting everything submitted and having a BIG sigh of relief afterwards. How is everyone holding up? Where are y'all at in the process?
  15. I wonder if this can sort of backfire, though? Last year I initially wanted to approach writing this way, but very quickly got conflicting feedback from multiple people. I eventually went back for more feedback from one mentor that I really trusted, and that got me much farther in less time. I would really only use friends/family for grammar/spelling checks, because they don't know what is expected for these types of statements.
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