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  1. Yeah, I'm assuming her lab will be fairly sparse but maybe that will be better! I could definitely anxiety being raised when you are new faculty for sure. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Thank you, that is very helpful! The other positive at this school is that there are plenty of other faculty with similar interests who I could consult with (hopefully).
  3. Hi all! I've found a professor at a respected university, and her work is insanely well-aligned with what I hope to pursue. Her bio/research description is basically what I would write if asked. However, she will just be starting at this university this coming Fall (2019), so she is quite literally brand new. I would really appreciate some pros and cons of this, if y'all have any insights. Thanks!
  4. Yikes, that sounds terrible! I'm sorry that happened to you. I understand the need for the profs to go where they need to/want to be, but I can't believe they would accept you as a student and then leave. Is there any chance you could go to the school the advisor works at now (next year)? As far applying to the same schools, I am planning on applying to a few of the same schools as last year, hopefully with a better applicant "package" this time around. I think it shows persistence! Especially if you have improved in multiple areas. To me, that signals we've spent the year bettering ourselves professionally!
  5. Nice, it seems like you have back-up options which is my favorite way to plan, lol. We have some similar school interests! I love GC because it helps me realize I'm not the only one who is freaking out!
  6. That is an impressive list! Never hurts to be ambitious, especially if the programs are a good fit for you research-wise. Best of luck to you!
  7. Hi all! I saw the clinical folks had a thread started already so I figured developmental could use some love, too! I'm planning on applying to a mix of both developmental and clinical programs to vary my options, as the competitiveness of clinical programs is a bit daunting. I applied to a small handful of schools this previous round but did so with little extra preparation. Before the 2020 application cycle I'll be working as a research assistant for the VA and will retake the GRE to get a better score. My area of interest is attachment/trauma/maternal trauma and developmental deficits that occur when there are disruptions in the caregiver-child relationship, particularly in emotional/physical regulation and social skills. Here are the schools and potential POIs I'm interested in right now. Obviously dependent on who is accepting students. Would like to find a few more and then choose. University of Michigan, SGB, SO, LH University of Iowa, IP, MN, MO University of Oregon, JA, JM, MZ University of Denver, SW, AN University of Minnesota, CK, GR UC Irvine, JB, WG (though they don't follow a normative PI application process) UC Riverside, RW, KM, LD West Virginia University, EK, CM, AG University of Utah, EC, PK Anyways, where is everyone at? What are you interested in? Cheers!
  8. Whaaaat?! This is good hopeful news (maybe?!?!) I had given up hope on this program as well, but some invites did go out in February last year...sigh.. P.S. is it common for POI's to reach out to letter writers? or mentors?
  9. Same, please! This program was a long shot for me but I'm still holding out hope. Congrats!
  10. Same for CU Denver, please! I would appreciate it!
  11. Thanks! I will look into those. I actually applied to U of O but am assuming rejection at this point, as their interviews for clinical are this Friday. I will probably apply again next cycle! Thank you for that! I will for sure look at that list. Very helpful. Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions so far!
  12. I haven't really thought of attending school outside of the USA, but I would be open to it if the program and POI were a good fit (would also have to get my husband on board!) Are programs outside the USA still typically funded?
  13. Hi all, In my quest to begin preparing myself for 2020 matriculation, I was hoping to reach out and see if any of you had recommendations for child clinical track PhD programs! I have been doing research of my own, but it definitely gets overwhelming to look at all programs, search for child-focused researchers, and even further narrow down the choices based on my interests (maternal and infant mental health). If you know of any reputable programs I should look at, I would absolutely love the help! Many many thanks, and congrats/best of luck to those of you who are interviewing soon!
  14. Today was the notification deadline for my top choice/favorite PI. I had given up hope a while ago buuuut it makes the rejection more real trying to stay focused on next application cycle!
  15. Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm going to look into those for sure.
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