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  1. I don't necessarily think it's a negative sign. I don't know that profs do preliminary interviews with all of the applicants they want to invite to an in-person interview. It could just be applicants they are unsure about and want additional information about before extending an in-person interview...but I'm not 100% sure
  2. I'm wondering if it would be best to include a PI Initials (if willing to share): section within the post format? Since that's about half of the replies on the thread! What do y'all think?
  3. Ugh that's terrible! Especially AFTER the deadline. I'm also surprised that a master's program follows a strict mentorship model, interesting! Well, because your application is in, you never know what could happen. The program could realize you are a wonderful fit and still offer you a position! It's nothing personal, for sure. I wouldn't beat yourself up about why the advisor suddenly decided to not consider taking students. I definitely took it personally when I found out about mine, especially because I was making connections with her and her grad students. It's ultimately up to you if you want to continue the process. You've done so much work already, maybe it's worth it to just stick it out. I'm so sorry that happened to you!
  4. Anyone else having wild dreams about applications?? I had a crazy one last night that my top choice POI showed me her list of applicants she was considering at some restaurant we both happened to be at (lol) and I was number 1...and then I woke up 😭
  5. Lots of great points about master's degrees! It all comes down to personal preference and career goals. I had a master's my first round and it really didn't help my application at all, but it was a clinical degree, not a research degree. Many applicants spend their time doing a post-bac or other full-time research gig and that makes them more competitive. All this to say, there are many paths to the same goal! And I don't think there is one answer better than the others.
  6. Take this with a grain of salt as it's my personal opinion, but if a PhD is your long-term goal, I don't know that I would waste time and money getting a master's degree. I would instead get a full-time research gig and focus on beefing up your application. I got a master's in clinical psychology before realizing I actually wanted and needed a PhD to do the things I wanted to career-wise, and I'll be paying for those MS loans for quite a while. At the end of the day, it's a personal decision, but to me the options are getting paid to do more research or paying to get a degree and do research.
  7. Got an email from a school saying my application status had changed from "submitted" to "under review" EEEEKKKKKKK
  8. Hair wise, you should definitely be able to find an updo that looks professional! Only cut your hair if you want to. Re: attire, the only advice I've ever heard across platforms and mentors is a full suit, though depending on where you interview a skirt might be out of the question for weather reasons! People also do slacks with a blazer and nice shirt. But don't be afraid to let your personality shine through, I'm planning to get a nice patterned shirt for under my suit if I get an interview. I've also heard having a cool, unique piece of jewelry or awesome shoes can help you stand out just enough
  9. Definitely not. Even between POI's at the same school the process can vary. I'd say the norm is mid to late December or January. Don't stress just yet!
  10. I concur with @MaybeMaybe2020, very dependent on the POI. Some may have already completed a Skype or phone call with potential participants before applications were due. Also, THANK YOU for using this thread and not the interview thread! Every time someone posts something on there I think it's another invite 😅
  11. Y'all are killing me with the notifications on this thread, I keep thinking people are posting interview invites
  12. Just saw someone posted on the results page about an informal interview with a POI...
  13. LOL, four weeks?? I don't have any prior experience with PSYCAS before this cycle so I'm not sure about issues. It has given me updates about my application when they've received test scores, transcripts, and LORs, and I uploaded everything else myself. Not sure why they'd recommend turning it in that early. Overall, hated PSYCAS, 0/10 would not apply again
  14. Ah, @JoePianist, always short and sweet and to the point. To expand, I think it's a natural part of the process to feel inadequate, nervous, or doubtful. I tend to be an anxious person in general and this whole process can certainly amp up those feelings. However, underneath all my anxieties and uncertainties, I know why I'm doing this and what my scientific values are, so I push through and persevere. It's important to keep checking in with yourself to make sure this is what you want, and remind yourself as much as possible why you are applying in the first place. Just remember, you don't have to go to grad school, or pursue this career. You might get interviews and decide it's not the right path for you, and thats okay. But don't let your dream die just because you are afraid or nervous!
  15. Then you are 99.99% fine! I don't think any universities are expected a numbered statement or anything. They want to know how you relay this info in essay form. You good!
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