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  1. I'll technically be 29 but will be turning 30 at the end of August! Sounds like I'm going to be the old fart of the group lol
  2. I got the news today that I was accepted off the waitlist for UMSL! I am proof that determination and persistence pay off. If you are feeling discouraged after this cycle, I just want you to know that there is hope. It might not happen on the timeline you thought it would, but please don't give up. Take time to grieve and then kick your ass into overdrive prepping for the next cycle. It's a grind, but I promise it's worth it. I've been round these parts for three years now, and I really appreciate this supportive community. I'm excited to stick around and hopefully help others pers
  3. That is super dependent on location, job responsibilities, and job title. I work with quite a few masters level program coordinators/project managers, and they make a decent salary. But I also live in the Bay Area, so salaries here are going to be higher than other areas. Even as a clinical research assistant I make a livable wage, but its hard to say if it would be worth it to go into debt for the salary I'm currently making.
  4. Have you been able to get constructive feedback about how to improve your interviewing skills? That is a very tangible thing you could work on if you need to reapply. I know feedback from faculty has been invaluable for me during the application process.
  5. I'm hoping the GRE will continue to be waived, if not completely removed as a requirement for some programs. Competitiveness is only going to increase year to year. I would expect similar if not increased competitiveness next cycle.
  6. Yo - programs aren't supposed to pressure applicants to make a decision before April 15th, so we shouldn't be pressuring people to make decisions, either. I keep seeing a lot of posts in the results section telling people to hurry up and accept/decline which isn't cool. Of course I'd love to have closure, but I would never pressure another applicant to make a decision. Hopefully it's no one from these threads but just in case, I wanted to reiterate this point.
  7. They sent out their first round of offers last Friday. I found out I am an alternate because I emailed my PI. You might want to reach out if you haven't heard anything!
  8. I've had great luck asking for feedback from PIs! The worst that can happen is they say no/don't reply. I'd been reaching out fairly soon either after interviews went out or soon after acceptances went out. I've gotten fabulous direction from PIs and it made me feel much more competent as an applicant.
  9. I'm right there with you - I was waitlisted at a program that seemed absolutely perfect for me and my interests, and it made me second guess my whole applicant package. I keep thinking if I couldn't get into that lab and that program, how the heck do I have a chance anywhere else? Perseverance is really the name of the game, but it's so hard to be persistent after being let down so many times. Crossing my fingers for you; acceptances off the waitlist are common, but I know it's disappointing to be rejected from our dream program. ❤️
  10. Okay, I started a thread if you want to add your voice there, too!
  11. Hey all, I noticed today there is also a thread called "Forum Feedback". Wondering if we should take our voices over there as well?
  12. Just adding to the growing group to say change it back! While I recognize clinical psych is a large focus of the forum, there are LOTS of other sub-disciplines that use threads. If I was new to GC and wasn't clinical, I wouldn't know that this space was for me, too.
  13. I'd email the PI. I'm of the camp that we have a right to know. I've also never encountered a PI that isn't willing to provide clarification!
  14. I am so sorry you had to experience that in an interview, how inhumane and unprofessional. I would echo the other suggestions to reach out to the DCT, the chair of the department, or the dean of the college. Take that shit all the way to the top.
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