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  1. The waiting game is slowly killing me inside, lol. To make matters more complicated, my partner might have a really great job opportunity where we live now, that I really hope he gets! But, if I do end up getting accepted, and he gets the job, that could create quite a pickle. I really just want to be able to plan my future. I always have my 1, 5, and 10 year plans thought out in my head and right now my future just looks fuzzy. I can't see where my road is leading now and it's so frustrating!
  2. It's so motivating to hear all of your stories! I'm not considered "old" but am older than most applicants, turning 29 this year. I have a lot of anxieties wrapped up in starting a PhD when I am 30 if I don't get in this year, mainly due to the societal norms that have been engrained in me since childhood about what a "typical" life timeline looks like. F*ck that! There is no typical timeline. It's cliche, but it really is better to accomplish something in your 30's, 40's or 50's rather than not accomplish it at all. I'm working really hard to eschew those social norms, no matter how hard it is. Best of luck to all of you on your quest to attend graduate school!
  3. For those of you that are also waitlisted, is there anything to do but wait? Are we supposed to send friendly emails reminding the program and POI we exist??? I'm sure they will let me know if and when a slot opens up, but have anxiety that they might somehow forget about me in the shuffle 😅 it sucks all I can do is twiddle my thumbs and wait for more time to pass...*sigh* I really hope the person in front of me for admissions finds their perfect fit and get accepted, both for their future happiness and (selfishly) mine 😂
  4. I concur with this information, I currently teach as a master's level instructor at a local university and I love it. It's a lot less pressure than being a full time professor as well. My pay is actually quite good, and I still get many of the benefits other full-time professors get like healthcare (paid by the school), retirement, etc. I don't know if I'd spend your time getting a PhD if you are envisioning part time therapeutic work and part time teaching.
  5. I only had one interview as well, and the only advice I can give is to not feel desperate. I made a point of convincing myself it was okay if it wasn't a good fit for them or for me. The last thing you'd want to do is force a program to fit because it's your only option right now instead of objectively deciding if it's the right choice. It was so freeing to not feel like the one interview I had needed to work out. I think it went 10x better becuase of that attitude, honestly.
  6. Agree with this. As someone who is currently waitlisted for an interview, knowing that people might take the slot who have no intention of accepting an offer would be disheartening. I think those waiting would be grateful for people who cancel when they know for sure they have a top-choice offer in hand and want to go to that program.
  7. So, I had my one and only interview recently and found out I am an alternate for the program. It's such a bummer because I know I am a fantastic fit for the lab and the program in general, I can tell the lab members and POI liked me, and I just happened to get beat out by one other applicant that was a bit more qualified that I am. Sometimes the chips don't fall in your favor. I'm really hoping it works out but this process has started to wear on me - I feel overwhelmed and defeated and keeping my head up is a bit difficult right now. Waiting and uncertainty is my least favorite thing in the whole world!
  8. Like a few other people, I just had my first interview weekend. I left thank you notes for the lab members, and sent a follow-up email to my POI. Is it expected that you will also send out thank you emails to any other people you came into contact with? That would mean folks from other labs, an additional faculty member, the graduate coordinator, etc. Seems like that might be overkill but wasn't sure what other applicants have been doing.
  9. They finished sending out invites a long time ago, the interview is this weekend. No official rejections have gone out yet.
  10. I still think its a big number, because the number of applications in general to this program (and most I applied to) are around 250 - 350. So, the chunk of applications going to the specific lab I applied to is an insane percentage. Of course there will be wildly unqualified applicants, but the likelihood of standing out is still fairly small.
  11. Wow, really up to 10 in-person interviews for one slot is typical? That seems super high. I've always heard 3 - 6. 10 makes me nervous lol
  12. WOW you guys, I just found out that one of my POI's received over 200 applications from students wanting to work in her lab. That is absolute insanity!! It is also a good reminder that sometimes the statistical odds are just plain stacked against you. I was feeling super down about this program but now I completely understand - to stand out in a sea of 200 other qualified applicants has to be near impossible, and I'm just not at that level. It's really helping me be more realistic and objective about the entire process.
  13. Thanks for the input! Unfortunately I have a lot of tattoos that I don't want to show at the interview weekend so I'll need to keep the cardigan on, but maybe I'll try to bring a more structured cardigan in case I feel it's too casual. I was between two different sweaters but one is fitted and the other is fairly large and cozy, so I'll be sure to wear the fitted option. I appreciate the help!
  14. Alright, I'm starting to stress about my wardrobe for non-interview related activities. The day before the interview, I'll be traveling and then will go on a tour of the town and the school. I'm thinking of wearing black jeans with a blouse and chunky cardigan for warmth, but am worried a chunky cardigan may be too casual. Thoughts? Also, where does a sweater fall on the spectrum of casual - business casual - formal? I don't have too many "in between" clothes and would prefer to not buy anything else, but don't want to be underdressed.
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