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  1. To the Washington State University (WSU) posters on the results page, congrats on your Zoom interviews! Would you please DM me your POI, if you feel comfortable? Also to the person who posted a rejection by phone, was that by the POI or coordinator? Thank you
  2. Me too please WSU posters if you this and you don’t mind DM POI initials. Also are the interviews one-one with the POI or was this a mass email?
  3. Honestly, unless the other POI was studying blatantly different topics with no overlap whatsoever, I would not worry too much about it. Because for one you are increasing your chances, as a professor who may not be your first choice, might find you to be a good fit of a project. I was also told that some professors do a quick CTRL+F to search for their name in applicants' statements. If nothing else, it at least motivates collaborations with other PIs, and may indicate to faculty that you have looked into who may serve as your committee. Again, unless you are casting your net so wide that there is no overlap between the POIs you applied to, and were studying vastly different topics, I don't see how it could harm you.
  4. You need to google sci hub. Y'all need this in your life. At some universities, the online library interface is so horrible that even if I had access I would prefer it over the library.
  5. Look up neuroscientists Brad Boytek, currently a UCSD professor, UCLA undergrad, and UC Berkeley PhD
  6. Would you PM me your POI initials? If you don't mind sharing. Thanks, and good luck!
  7. All letters are in finally 😅 Let the new kind of worry begin May the odds be ever in your favor.
  8. UTSouthwestern, and unfortunately it indicates my application as incomplete because of it. Technically there is still 14 hours to go, so *fingers-crossed*
  9. So... I added 4 recommenders for a school that requires 3, and the 4th hasn't submitted theirs yet. Would you folks recommend I remove them as a recommender? It is one of my strongest, but I've exhausted my options with reminders, and re-submitting invites.
  10. Yes, I've seen this too, and what I did was to look at publications by my POI, and find collaborators from the same department. I think that may be your best bet. Alternatively, you might list other faculty with similar research but who are not accepting this cycle.
  11. I feel you. A recommender asked my to send reminders as the deadline approaches, and I am now trying to figure out the frequency before my Dec 1st deadlines. I am torn between 10, 5, and 3 days prior OR 7 and 3 days before the deadline. Any suggestions are welcome.
  12. Was going through this myself, I had a deadline due today. I sent my ref a personal e-mail a couple days ago, and sent a reminder through the portal yesterday, and the did the trick! I would say don't feel shy to send reminders after 2-3 days have passed if your deadline is due that week. It could be that the person is quite overwhelmed at the moment, and having these reminders land at a time when they could get to it may be just what you needed. Best of luck to all in a similar position, I feel you
  13. I am on the same boat with regards to my last reference. I expected this of her though as she is always overwhelmed, but she went cold me with no response to my last couple of e-mails. I contacted someone who still works under her to remind her, and will contact her again on Friday as its her least busy day. Hoping for the best, and wishing you guys get your references in on time as well.
  14. Thanks for that, was feeling bummed about reading elsewhere that chances are slim without a publication. My experience is with EEG so lack of MRI is not a deal breaker I initially had 14 schools, but to my misfortune the PIs I am interested in are not taking grad students this cycle. I will keep on searching.
  15. Hi I can answer a couple of questions as an International applicant myself, I am selecting PIs mainly based on research match, and whether the program offers some specialization in my area (neuropsychology). I am applying to 6 programs in US, and 9 programs in the UK. I am told anywhere between 8-15 is ideal, while having range of program selectivity. Check the program's website, some require you request your school to mail transcripts directly, others only require copies until you're accepted. I am in a similar situation, years out of my bachelor's. I'd say emphasize relevant experience, try to aim for 2-3pgs, use 1-2 lines for irrelevant jobs. I cannot speak to whether it would hurt you not to be present, some programs require it, so it would depend on the program, being an international myself, I think it would not hurt to ask if they would accommodate Skype interviews, especially for financial burdens. Best of luck, hope you stay in touch.
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