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  1. Has anyone heard from university of Alabama Tuscaloosa? If so which POI? TIA.
  2. Can the Rochester poster please pm POI. CONGRATS.
  3. Did you guys get preliminary interviews? I didn’t but the email said it might not matter.
  4. How do you know if you’ve been waitlisted for an interview? I applied to 17 schools & received 3 interview invitations, 2 rejections & one soft rejection. That leaves 11 schools (most have already had their interview but some haven’t) with silence.
  5. Yes. It allows them to move on to the next applicant & you will be doing a very kind service to those of us that are in waiting mode.
  6. Where was the rejection? I don’t see it when I log into the application but I haven’t been invited for an interview. Still a glimmer of hope?
  7. Whats the best format for post interview thank you emails?
  8. I keep getting invitations to visit from the grad school which is annoying because I'm pretty sure it's not a real invitation.
  9. Exactly. My 3 schools are excellent but weren’t in my top 5 choices. It doesn’t make a lot of sense as to where I was invited & where I wasn’t.
  10. Thank you. People don’t understand & say things like “this is it right” or you’re not gonna try again are you?” They don’t understand that it’s a specific mentor that has to end up accepting a student & has to choose you when they may have already decided who they’re taking next etc. also each cycle has different opportunities.
  11. So let’s say theoretically each program will only take 1 person for a particular POI & there’s one or 2 other applicants that received the invitations to many of your schools. In a few weeks those applicants will have some offers & decline all except one. Any chance of a late second chance from the POI’s that those applicants turn down?
  12. Me four please! Or can one of the others that inquired please let me know.
  13. Wow. Is that out now too? I thought it wouldn’t be till February. I guess that’s a wrap for me ☹️
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