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  1. Some of my apps allowed 4 recommenders and most of those are complete since 3 have been sent.
  2. Some of my deadlines are 11/15 & 11/18. Others recommended having completed apps as soon as possible.
  3. I’ve submitted my apps. Now it’s a waiting game. One of my recommenders hasn’t submitted yet. What is the appropriate protocol for sending reminders?
  4. Did you end up getting the formal interview? Also did you get an offer of admission? What programs were they? PIA?
  5. Is it possible for an interested professor to reach out via phone to further ascertain if you are a potential match?
  6. Is it ok to be over if the directions say “around 1000 words?
  7. When do you think professors will start reaching out? Is it possible to hear from potential mentors before the application deadlines?
  8. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve started to submit. Does it matter how soon the apps are submitted or is it ok to submit closer to the deadlines?
  9. GRE V161/Q161 W4 psych GRE: 640 Masters GPA 3.9 Bachelors GPA 3.4/ Psych GPA 3.5 (graduated with psych honors awards: 2 financial research grants, psychology student research award in master’s program licensed BCBA publications: 1 research publication in top Ivy League medical journal & one book review in highly regarded publication, one poster presentation at an international conference research experience: currently working in one of the top university research facilities as a Sr. Research specialist using specialized neurophysiology equipment clinical experience: over 1000 hours at a day habilitation program recommenders: a highly regarded well known (famous) researcher, my supervisor for current position & the director of my master’s program I am currently struggling with my statement of aims. Any suggestions on a good opening sentence/paragraph? I have the main essay but just don’t know how to start it currently discussing an event that occurred in high school that started my interest in my area of research
  10. I feel the same way. 2 interviews. Haven’t heard back but ont feeling optimistic. Not sure what my next move will be but losing my motivation to continue on this career path?
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