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  1. Anyone have info/guesses on whether Northwestern Feinberg is still sending invites?
  2. It's okay!! If 6 different people read over your statement and didn't catch it, I doubt anyone else will notice it either. Plus, the admissions people read through these statements like 5x faster than we do, so I'm sure they will gloss right over it, especially since they're just typos and likely don't change the meaning of the sentence at all. I know it's super frustrating (I found typos and sentences that I wish I had worded better in my statement after submitting, too), but I wouldn't worry about it!! The content is by far the most important part of the statement, over anything else!
  3. Has anyone's portal changed at all? My "Application Status" still says "Submitted", but I thought it would change to Pending or Under review or something by now!
  4. Yeah, I'm definitely trying not to freak out but... I'm totally freaking out. This is my second cycle and I was feeling pretty good, but seeing these tweets is defff making me nervous 😭😭 It seems like PIs on Twitter are discussing the reasons for the increase, and there isn't a clear consensus, but it's not necessarily just that people are looking for work due to a recession. I think either way it's going to be a competitive year. Eek!!
  5. Maybe you've already done this, but I would poke around the admissions site to see if they have program-specific guidelines for this. For one of my applications, the program website actually said something like "ignore the SOP directions on the application". In another one of my applications, if you went to the FAQ specifically, they said they were not strict about the word count. I wish they could consolidate these directions somehow because it makes me nervous about which direction to follow!
  6. Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere. I am applying to PhD programs this cycle and wondering what is the general consensus on getting more than the required # of letters of rec (I'm just talking a 4th letter, not like 6 or 7!) I already have 3 LOR - two from my current positions and one from a position a few years ago. I could easily get one from my more recent previous position that would be positive/strong, but it probably wouldn't be as impressive as the one from a few years ago. Would it look weird to not have a letter from the chunk of time in between? I'm thinking a fourth
  7. Yes, I was planning to do this! Do you think it would be better to explicitly let the professor know beforehand that I am very interested in applying to work with them, or do you think it will come up naturally in our conversation? I guess I don't want to make them feel like I'm just vying for a spot in their lab, because I do genuinely want their advisement in the process.
  8. Hey all, I’m currently working in a lab as a Masters-level Research Assistant with a research professor that I would like to apply to be my advisor at the PhD level (programs are 1:1 student to advisor). The professor is very open about mentoring students through the PhD application process, but I feel like there are some dynamics to navigate given that the program is my top choice, but obviously they will know that I am applying to other programs as well, and will be a LOR writer too, on top of all of that. I assume this is quite a common position to be in, or at least that people often
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