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  1. Oh wow, good to know! I was under the impression that the grad coordinator sends out the official invite for interview day. Do you know if this prof has conducted prelims? Also, just generally do you know if all profs conduct prelims before sending out official invites?
  2. Hi! I'm curious if you mean "send out invites for prelims" or send out official invites to the interview day?
  3. Hi, to the person on the results page who posted that they received a rejection from York: if you are comfortable, do you mind dming me?
  4. I agree with you on preferring to be overdressed than underdressed. Because of that I wore a blazer and blouse. Although in my interviews, one prof was wearing a t-shirt and in another the prof was wearing a Patagonia sweater... lol. Edit: these were 1-1 interviews, not department/program interview days
  5. This, all of this. The exact same thing happened to me last cycle. Rejection was so much harder because I was so "sure" that I would get in at this specific program. I think it's important to remain hopeful and have a generally positive attitude, but this year I am remaining much more realistic about the possibility of outcomes and more mentally and emotionally balanced. It is so important to protect your mental health during this process. This isn't meant to bring people down, but I wish I had known last year that literally things can change up until the very last minute (like they did f
  6. I understand you wanting to reach out, I think most of us are feeling a similar way. ❤️ Although, I have received guidance to absolutely not do this. The only time it is appropriate to reach out in the middle of an app cycle is if you interview formally and it has been a considerable time since you were informed you would hear back, and/or when formal rejections/acceptances have gone out and you haven't heard anything yet. Or, yes it does have the potential to be perceived negatively. You may end up interacting with this POI in a professional sense in the future, so I think it's impo
  7. To the second poster on the results page who received an interview form Concordia: if you're comfortable, could you dm me? Thank you!
  8. A little heads up.. Most people on here are cool, some are trolls. Beware! Do not take everything everyone has to say at face value. That goes for the results section as well.
  9. I was just about to post this! I have yet to find the public disclosure tables for York's clinical program, but their handbook states that they typically receive 150-180 applications and admit around 8 students. Also, I think it's important to remain realistic about the increase in applications this year and the potential increase in competitiveness. However, I think we could all use a little moral boost at this time and remember that not everyone has chosen to work with your POI and much of the increase we are seeing this round is coming from non-competitive applicants (according to som
  10. I am wondering the same thing. York has a very large psychology department. These are the following specialization in graduate studies in psychology. Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science Clinical Psychology Clinical Neuropsychology Clinical Developmental Psychology Clinical Neuropsychology Developmental Science Historical, Theoretical and Critical Studies of Psychology Quantitative Methods Social and Personality @sparrow123 is more likely that they received 1000 applications for their whole department?
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