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  1. I think have research assistant roles helps, but I think what you do in those roles/what experience you gain matters more. Do you have conferences, publications, did you do data analysis or just conduct studies with partcipants, were you involved in the REB process etc. I think I would work on gaining these experiences more than the sheer number of labs you work in. Hope this helps
  2. Hi! Im headed to UCalgary this fall for their Clinical Psychology program (Msc & PhD).
  3. Also my understanding is the SACP program is not CPA accredited thus may not adhere to these policies.
  4. It says that for both of my applications too! I received an informal invite from my POI today for Clinical and formal for SACP last week!!! But I also have no received a formal invite for Calgary yet in my email. My poi mentioned we would hear in about a day or two! I think its the real deal for you!!! Congrats!!!
  5. School: University of Calgary Type: Clinical Psychology Masters/PhD Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: Acceptance Type of Notification: Email from POI (informal acceptance) Date Notified: 2/10/21 DM for POI: Yes ** will be accepting** School: University of Calgary Type: School and Applied Child Psychology (SACP) Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: Acceptance Type of Notification: Email from grad program admin Date Notified: 2/5/21 DM for POI: Yes
  6. Hey check your inbox now! They said that some applicants didn't receive it so they resent it to everyone!
  7. School: University of Calgary Program: Clinical Psychology, M.Sc. Interview type: Formal Interview day/Open House via email from Grad Program Admin Date of Invite: January 25nd, 2021 DM for POI: Yes!
  8. https://arts.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/34/20-ART-145051_Clinical_Psychology_Graduate_Program_web.pdf
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