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  1. No not yet. But I did receive correspondence from the Psyc department that it may take a while to link and the unofficial copy will suffice for now.
  2. I did not include footnotes, and I do not think that including footnotes is common.
  3. I received a confirmation email. Also sign into the the portal to see if they submitted
  4. For anyone who has done the SFU application, what did you write for the up to 400 words on academic or research interests? Did you just copy your research interests from your statement?
  5. No I think @sg99 means you can NOT do that. You have to pick a program and school. So you can only choose only 1 program at UBC (either at UBCO or UBC-V). It makes more sense on the website. You will first choose UBC and then pick a program/department (such as Okanagan Psychology)
  6. They get informed when you add your references, before you submit your application. But that being said I would prepare my proposal in advance so you don't run into any delays or problems with the portal.
  7. I emailed a few programs who were vague and most of them said that they will not be considered at all. I think its best to email each program
  8. what are some questions you asked prior to applying?
  9. How much time are you dedicating to writing a research proposal for CGS-M? And does anyone know where I could find an example?
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