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  1. https://arts.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/34/20-ART-145051_Clinical_Psychology_Graduate_Program_web.pdf
  2. Can the people who posted on the results forum/ or have received interviews for Ryerson please PM, if you are willing to share POI
  3. Here are some helpful resource I found while prepping for interviews! https://www.psychologyinaction.org/psychology-in-action-1/2018/1/24/10-pieces-of-advice-for-graduate-school-interviews http://mitch.web.unc.edu/files/2017/02/MitchGradSchoolAdvice.pdf http://www.schleiderlab.org/resources.html https://medium.com/@mallory.dobias/open-access-tips-materials-for-clinical-psych-phd-applications-e9e81be3d132 https://www.psychologyinaction.org/psychology-in-action-1/2013/02/06/graduate-program-interviews-clinical-psychology https://github.com/SavannahRoberts/Gra
  4. School: University of Calgary Type: Clinical Psychology (MSc) Date of invite: 1/15/2021 Type of invite: Email from POI for preliminary interview Interview date(s): next week POI: PM for POI
  5. Could the person that posted on the results page about SFU please PM me! or anyone else whose heard
  6. Can the person who just posted on the results page regarding an interview at Ryerson please PM me
  7. Does anyone have any insight if we will find out about interviews later or earlier this year? It seems the most people heard back last year around Jan 8/9th.
  8. I heard SFU had over 300 but that the applicant pool has necessarily increased in competitiveness, still super nerve wracking
  9. just saw a tweet that McGill saw an increase in applicants from 350 - 600 (I think the whole Psyc department)
  10. I'm applying to UVIC, UBCO, SFU, Calgary, Western, Lakehead, Ryerson, McGill. I am also applying to UofA (SCCP) and Calgary (SACP).
  11. No not yet. But I did receive correspondence from the Psyc department that it may take a while to link and the unofficial copy will suffice for now.
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