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  1. Related to the above post, does anyone have any insight on whether the GRE subject will be offered online? If there's no online adaptation, I feel like it would be safe to assume it will be cut from applications, but the April test date is coming up pretty soon and I haven't seen any updates yet!
  2. Hi all! Has anyone spoken with the grad administrator or any PIs at Ryerson about an expected timeline? I know in the past they've started sending out their decisions around today but I'm wondering if things might be later this year.
  3. This is really interesting - thank you so much for sharing! Something else I've been wondering about is that in the situation you describe, it sounds to me (although I may be misunderstanding) like the professor identifies the student they want and as long as they meet the requirements of the committee, the committee will mostly like recommend that student's admission. Something I saw on an older forum (either 2018-19 or 2019-20 admissions) were schools where the committee essentially chooses their top candidate from a professor's shortlist. I can't seem to find that post again and don't
  4. Hi all! I've just been looking through forums from previous years to try to better understand how this whole process works and am seeing a lot of variance re: whether faculty have the most say in the student they accept (assuming the student meets all criteria) or whether the committee has the most say. Does anyone have an idea of how exactly this all works? Or if it differs by school, anyone know which schools operate each way? I'm so confused about all of this so if anyone has insight into any part of the admissions process (for any school), I'd love to learn more!
  5. Could the person who posted about the interview with two co-supervisors at UTSC message me please? Only if you're comfortable of course and congratulations!
  6. Congrats!! You should be so proud with all these interviews!! I didn't apply to this school but I'm pretty curious, any idea of what a recruitment weekend entails during covid times?
  7. I'm curious about this too and don't have much info to offer, but one professor that I emailed did specifically ask that I list him as my first choice to ensure he saw my application - not sure if this would be the case for all schools, though. I also noticed that many schools did not specify to list supervisors in order of preference. I'm really hoping that these schools would perceive all supervisors listed as being equal, although I might just be overly optimistic! Anyone have any insight?
  8. How many of you guys are getting interviews (formal or informal) so far? I haven't heard anything from any school and it's so nerve-wracking!
  9. I could definitely seeing those mass zoom calls or open houses being helpful if they were to be options. To anyone who interviews this cycle, keep us posted on how things are being conducted! I'm so curious to see how each school adapts.
  10. How do you guys think the interview process will change this year with things being online? I know some schools would normally have an interview day or more than one interview for some applicants, so do you think there will be some kind of equivalent? I'm not even getting my hopes up about receiving any interviews but am interested in any insight or speculation anyone might be able to offer!
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