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  1. so I applied to roughly 13 schools, didn't interview for 12, and the one I did I was waitlisted for. Anyone have any idea what the actual chances are for getting an acceptance off the waitlist? This is my second year applying and trying to not get down in the dumps about this process.
  2. Do you mind DMing your POI initials?
  3. So I had called the admissions officer and she basically said the same thing but wouldn’t tell me if I was his number 1 choice or whatever - just that the program director and my POI have deemed me as fit for the program but they just couldn’t accept any students yet (they didn’t have first round priority). Though I haven’t heard from my POI since my interview, should I reach out and email them? Thanks!
  4. Congratulations to everyone receiving acceptances so far!! To whoever has received an acceptance from Ryerson’s clinical program, do you mind DMing PM initials?
  5. So I found out yesterday I’m on the waitlist for Ryerson’s program which is great - considering I’ve been rejected from everywhere else. Does anyone know if waitlists are ranked? Also, what are the chances of actually getting off the waitlist and into the program?
  6. Hey everyone! Congrats to all of you on your acceptances so far! I was wondering if anyone knew about which POI’s for Ryerson’s clinical program have sent out acceptances - been almost 3 weeks since my interview at interview day so getting quite apprehensive. Thanks!
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