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  1. I’m pretty sure I saw it (or part of it) in the brochure on their website but I could be wrong!
  2. Hi everyone! I received an email from my POI at Calgary today requesting to meet sometime next week to chat. The email was pretty informal so I wouldn't worry if you haven't received anything yet - i suspect these will be going out on a rolling basis. I know that Calgary has had interview days in the past and this request to meet is definitely not for an interview day so don't worry if you're still waiting to hear!
  3. I did on Monday. It was a email from the graduate administrator inviting me for three separate interviews with two professors and a graduate student. Someone posted earlier that in the thread that some professors may not have submitted and their shortlist yet to the administrator so if you haven’t heard back, stay confident because you may still hear!
  4. Join the club lol! I haven't heard from any schools yet so I'm desperate as well hahahah
  5. I have a notices section there but I haven't really been checking the portal so I'm not sure if it was there previously.
  6. I applied to Calgary and did contact the department about this ahead of applications. They assured me that you do not need to have your final official transcript in unless you are accepted. As long as you have an official transcript there, you should be good! They said submitting an official transcript early just streamlines the process, should you be accepted. To answer your question though, I sent my official transcript ahead of the deadline as well (in addition to my unofficial one) and it's showing as incomplete on my to-do list as well. However, given what I said above, I don't thin
  7. Thank you! I applied to CGS for some schools but obviously not every school can be listed so I really appreciate that reassurance that things can still happen
  8. Im curious about how much luck people have had in getting interviews with programs they didn’t list on funding applications. Have you ever gotten an interview in a place where you didn’t list funding for?
  9. It’s still so early! Many many schools have not even opened applications yet. It’s hard to do but I’d definitely just wait!
  10. Blah... my scores were awful last year. I’m going to be so upset if they can’t remove them from my file. It’s so not fair to have them there if I didn’t submit them with this application and they are optional
  11. Oh wow! I’ve heard that! Yea US schools are definitely earlier. I can understand why you may be worrying early then. Good luck!
  12. I applied to a bunch of schools last year and again this year. From experience, I wouldn't start worrying about things until January at the earliest. Dalhousie is one of the only schools (that I know of) that always starts contacting students in December. Seeing as there is likely not going to be any in-person interviews this year, a lot of schools probably won't have set interview days either so interview invites may be even more scattered around this year. I agree completely - the waiting SUCKS but it's not worth worrying too much this early! Having said that, I'm also checking grad ca
  13. I just checked - mine still says "No Decision Yet" and hasn't changed this status. I submitted all of my documents yesterday so who knows 💁‍♀️ Such a stressful process hearing some statuses have changed and some have not!
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