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  1. This is all such great advice, thank you both for sharing! I've also been wondering, does anyone know if it is preferable to have one full-time RA job as oppose to a few part-time (sometimes volunteer) RA jobs? As well, if you do have a full-time position, is it helpful to have other part-time/volunteer jobs on top? I know people that are involved in so many different labs and coming out of undergrad, it's a bit overwhelming trying to gauge what you're really supposed to do during a gap year!
  2. Congrats to all who have received CGS offers/alternates! Has anyone heard anything from Ryerson about when their results will be released?
  3. Has anyone reached out or received any updates about Ryerson's waitlist? I know it's only been a couple weeks so I'm hesitant to contact the school but would be interested in any info about how their waitlist works if anybody has insight!
  4. If anyone here has been accepted at Ryerson would you be comfortable PMing me? Thanks in advance!
  5. Wow that's so exciting!! Congratulations to everyone receiving interviews and acceptances!! And to those of you who haven't heard back from most or all schools, hope you're all hanging in there - I'm sure you're all incredibly strong applicants and great people (even just based on your desire to go into this field) who are so deserving and capable of achieving your goals. I hope you're all very proud of everything you've accomplished ❤️
  6. Such a perfect example of one door closing and another opening - congratulations on your offer, that is so exciting!!! ❤️
  7. Hi everyone! For those attending Ryerson's visiting day on Monday, does anyone know whether it's a meeting or a webinar?
  8. Relating to this, how many applicants do PIs typically shortlist? I've seen program-wide shortlists ranging anywhere from ~5-85 in past program stats, but what would be typical for each PI?
  9. Hi everyone! I just found this website and thought I'd ask, for those attending Ryerson's visiting day, did anyone's prospective supervisors give them an idea of the timeline from this point on? I noticed in past years decisions appeared to be made around mid-Feb., although I believe in those years interviews would've all taken place during visiting day itself so I'm wondering if the timeline will look different this year. If anyone has any info, please let me know! (feel free to PM if you'd prefer )
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