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  1. They better change it back before people start coming here for information for the next cycle soon...
  2. There was an acceptance result entry on Jan 18th. Also I think it is the same person who keeps asking about it...
  3. All the PIs that I had informal interviews with except one got back to me with formal interview invitations. And I am seeing in the results that the program where that one PI is is already extending their formal interviews.. I had one informal with a PI last cycle, and she got back to me to let me know that I wasn't chosen for formal interviews before she submit her list to the department. So I'd say it also depends on the PI. I definitely find the one that got back to me much nicer, and I applied to the PI again this year, and got a formal interview.
  4. only 6 will get offered admission out of 13!! It is so scary... I attended a few interviews and met prospective students applying to be in the same lab as me. So it basically means it is either me or them... I am curious, do you know if programs invite more to formal interviews/recruitment events this year because it is all remote, and the cost of inviting more people is a lot less than flying them over? And as a result more people than before would be denied admission even if they were invited to the formal interviews?
  5. um I think perhaps the person wanted to say that they got the invitation for the interviews but the "faculty" thought they were talking about being offered admission because they used the word "accepted"... lol just my guess
  6. I still have one due Dec 15th but now I plan to chill out for a bit after submitting 13 apps just a few days ago 😝 Congrats to everyone who's submitted!
  7. Whoa why did I hear the complete opposite that there are going to be a lot less people applying... I thought it would be less competitive this year, now I am anxious haha
  8. Do you mind posting where you saw this information? I checked the admission page and didn't see it. Thanks!
  9. To the poster who received UIUC Cognitive Neuroscience unofficial interview invitation: would you mind sharing/DM the initials of your POI? Thank you very much!
  10. I am SO sad to be told not going to get a formal on-site interview AFTER having a skype interview with the POI from my first choice program. It felt so close. Didn't feel it went bad at all but apparently that's just in my head. It's so hard not to think I singlehandedly messed everything up. I would probably feel less terrible if never getting invited for a skype interview. I don't even know whether to apply for the same program next year.
  11. Congradulations on the Skype interview! Thank you for sharing the information. Would you mind telling us about what kinds of questions were asked during your chat?
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