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  1. I can drop a few names below and make sure you check out their collaborators! (Note, this is from my personal experience and not broad to cover all the US/Canada) (USA) University of Notre Dame- Dr. Joshua Koen (USA) Wayne State University- Dr. Jessica Damoiseaux, Dr. Ana Dougherty (Canada) University of Toronto- Has a whole memory research group (Canada) McGill University- Geriatric Medicine group (there's a fellowship as well)
  2. Seems like you have a great deal of experience! Do try to keep in mind that this year's cycle is tight on funding so some schools and programs may not being accepting any students. Please make sure to double check with the program websites or potential PI's for that! Sometimes if the department isn't funding a student, the PI may be able to fund you based on their recent and incoming grants....so that may be worth checking as well. It also can depend on your research interests and fit in the lab. It looks like you're reaching high for prestigious names but don't discount schools like CUNY that
  3. I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to TWO programs for Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience....but that has left me in the middle of a big decision that I don't know how to make when the world seems to be falling apart. If anyone has any insight given the information, please let me know!! Currently located in New York, from California. Neither place would be close, so location isn't really a factor. The one factor is moving to Canada-I would be out of the country, does anyone have experience with a US -> CA move that impacted your research or accreditation before? Programs:
  4. School: University of Alberta Type of Program: PhD in Psychology Acceptance Date: Email from PI on March 4th and official email from department on March 6th!!
  5. I'm really starting to get worried overall. I have one interview weekend coming up but got rejected from my top choice school that seemed like a very promising acceptance due to all the interviews and communications I had with PI/faculty/students so hopes aren't too high. This is my second time applying, though the most serious as now I will be graduating with an MA in May, and I'm scared this isn't the right decision. I have such a deep passion for my area of study but these rolling rejections and a negative direct supervisor of my thesis have been haunting me. It's hard for me to write
  6. I currently have heard from 2/10 schools and both were positive, resulting in interviews. Still very nervous if those don't go well since I haven't heard anything from the other 8. Just trying to remind myself that no word is probably a better sign than a rejection. Supporting everyone from afar!!
  7. I got a second interview! The PI (JK) emailed me on Friday 12/27/19 to organize, the professor who is interviewing me (JP) replied Sunday 12/29/19, and the Skype interview is tomorrow Monday 12/30/19! I'm hoping the speed at which these interviews are coming is a good sign 🤞
  8. I applied to four Canadian programs. No news yet for any interviews or indication on timelines from PIs.
  9. I did Skype with the PI before I submitted my application! My interview was today and all the formal interviews are over Zoom. They invite people to their campus AFTER they have put out offers so its not as stressful for students and more of a recruitment event.
  10. Don't want to spam BUT I SOMEHOW GOT TWO INVITES IN A DAY. School: Wayne State University Type: PhD Date of invite: December 18, 2019 Type of invite: Email from PI (Initials NO) Interview date(s): February 28, 2020 with social days before and after.
  11. AAH! So excited to be able to fill this out!! School: Notre Dame Type: PhD Date of invite: December 17, 2019 Type of invite: Email from PI (Initials JK) Interview date(s): THIS Thursday or Friday (omg so quick) via Zoom with another faculty member
  12. The best way to be personal in a personal statement is to make it academic. How did your personal experiences make you want to study these things academically? Be super brief on personal information like that because it can be a sign of immaturity if you write too much about yourself and not enough about your academics and why you're a good fit for the field instead. For example, I want to study episodic memory, specifically how and why we forget lived events in order to help inform interventions that might help improve the lives of those with enduring memory problems at any age. That's m
  13. It seems like you may have missed the most appropriate window to reach back out to the PI but you still can! I was in contact with PI's before applications as well and I made sure to email those who initially responded within 24-48hrs of submitting my application. It is a great way to remind the PI of who you are/that you talked/that you want to work with them/to look out for your application.
  14. You will get in and you will get funded!

    1. brainsRus


      omg love you and just saw this. WE will get in and funded.

  15. Those applications are in and now we wait! Here's a thread for us to gather together in anxiety, stress, and encouragement. Here's a little template we can use: School: Type: PhD/MA/MS/etc Date of invite: Type of invite: Mass email, email from PI, phone call, etc. Interview date(s):
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