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  1. Probably wiat...I am confused because I didnt see any rejecitons after interview...
  2. I have just recieved an email saying I was waiting-listed...And gave the deadline of responding an offer is 15/April. So I suspect until now all offers were being made...
  3. I emailed them on last Monday, and they said: "At this time, I do not have an update on your application. We should have decisions out this month, but no later than March 15th. " The admission committee is holding weekly finalising meetings so hopefully we will hear from IUSM next week...Fingercross
  4. Anyone heard back from UW Madison CMP? Nothing since they let me to activate the MyUW.
  5. On Tursday did you ask for progress or they sent you the unofficial offer straight away?
  6. I expected they start sending offers from next Monday but that result page just made me start worrying
  7. Received this as well. I am giving up BU although it matches my interest a lot. Too much waiting...
  8. Just sent an email enquiring the statues. UTSW said “most interview invitations for international students will not be sent until mid-jan”. But it really depends on school themselves, some will review applications separately and therefore have a later date my guess.
  9. Just got an email from Baylor, said my application has been moved from my first choice immunology and micro to second choice cancer and cellular, probably my experience has nothing to do with immune
  10. I applied to the umbrella program. They let me filled a secondary application which consists of two questions. They said that's due to I'm an international. My statues is still secondary application submitted.
  11. Yea I think I need to wait as all the statues are awaiting for decision. Congratulation on your interview invitation!
  12. If there’s no interview received does it mean automatically reject? Or there is an official rejection letter. I’m starting panic
  13. We have some overlaps, have you received interview invitations from Minnesota, UTSW or Washington? I received the invitation from Indiana on Wednesday.
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