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  1. I was accepted at Concordia, my first and only choice I am shocked and so happy! Last year I received alternate status
  2. Wonderful! Thanks for the info I e-mailed on April 1st and was told I was 21st on the list.. I will probably ask again out of curiosity after the deadline to accept/decline. Let us know if/when your status changes in the portal please!
  3. Hi there! Congrats on your admission and SSHRC award! Just wondering what # you were on the list for funding? I'm also at Concordia so it might give me an idae of the likelihood of receiving funding this year...
  4. Cool! MA Child Studies for me. About to graduate with a BA Psychology
  5. That's amazing! I think you're pretty much guaranteed funding then What program are you in?
  6. @rgood Exactly! I contacted my graduate program advisor and she gave me the name of someone who would be able to tell me. I don't want to give out names but yes someone in the awards and funding office should be able to let you know.
  7. Just found out I am ranked #21 on the alternate list at Concordia... does anyone have any knowledge of what this means/the likelihood of receiving the award? This is my first year applying and I think that Concordia generally accepts 40-44 people total for CGS awards
  8. I actually was put on the Alternate list for a school I was refused from (UOttawa)... Not sure how that happened but I guess it just involves different committees. I was also put on the Alternate list for the school I've accepted (Concordia) so I'm hoping I move up! I've e-mailed the person in of my program so I'm hoping she might be able to give me an idea of where I stand. For reference, this is my first year applying for a CGS and to Master's programs. I was accepted to Concordia in MA Child Studies (which I accepted), McGill Human Development with a $3,500 scholarship (I declined it),
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