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  1. Hi, They don't use your McMaster email that is just auto-generated. You should as I have get an email to the email address you provided on your application form. Also, all your documents will say "initiated" until they graduate program manually switches to "complete". However, I am not aware of mine ever saying "incomplete" on the actual site so you should maybe email the graduate coordinator of your program. Hope that helps, best
  2. Just got accepted to Carleton 36,600$ in funding for first year!!!! OMG!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL
  3. CARLETON OFFERED ME 36,600$$ for ONE YEAR. Omg . I hope McMaster will match this!!!!!!
  4. Sociology is a social science not in the humanities department. You could probably apply though if you're good with theory.
  5. Thank you. I recently found out that tuition is around 7,000$ so my scholarship pays that almost completely (yay Canada! ). I was disappointed because I thought tuition would be about 15,000$... I had no idea haha so I was sad my scholarship didn't cover it more fully. Now that I know my tuition is almost all paid for I'm super happy You were exactly right about my TA position as officially they say minimum it's 11,600$ and if I stay on for a thesis I get a TA position next year as well. My official package is 18,600$ with the option of 11,600$ for the next year. However, I saw a
  6. I applied to there MA in Sociology and have heard nothing!!! I've heard back from McMaster whose deadline was 5 days after York and Queens whose deadline was Feb 1st. I submitted all my application the day they were due so I don't see why it's taking so long to hear word!!!!!
  7. Is anyone else having trouble concentrating on their school work because you're obsessively waiting to hear back???? I find it so difficult to concentrate ugh! good luck to everyone.
  8. I applied to McMaster, U of M, Carleton, Waterloo, York, Queens, and LSE (Doesn't count as Canadian) haha. I'm applying for my MA in Sociology. But, i've been accepted to McMaster with a18,500$ funding package, Queens University (no words yet on funding), and U of M (no word yet on funding). Still waiting for the other responses. McMaster said they'd match funding so hopefully, I get more options although i'm very happy with McMaster. So happy to see a Canadian thread here <3
  9. Hey everyone! I saw one for the doctoral level but not one for the MA level. Didn't know whether to include the other agencies (CIHR and NSERC)? Feel free to join in or start your own thread. Let's all wait it out together
  10. Hi, Have you been accepted yet? I haven't heard back even though it had the earliest deadline (January 10th). I've already received acceptance/ funding from McMaster (Jan. 15th) yet not a word from York. Which program did you apply? I'm a Sociology major. I hope I get a good offer as McMaster said they would match other offers. Good luck.
  11. Thank you so much for your reply. On their site it says TA positions pay around $11,520. I'm at the masters level and that's why I have no idea if this is a good offer. Thanks for letting me know that it's on par with Canada's graduate student funding (I think I'm psyching myself out seeing all these 17,000$ + TA funding packages given in the states) I applied to 6 other schools but have just heard back from one: U of Manitoba ("safety" school) with the most generic automated email with no mention of funding... I'm actually really surprised I heard from McMaster so soon as I was told it woul
  12. I just got a phone call from the Graduate Chair at McMaster University (Canada). They said they would offer me 7,000$ + a TA position with the option to match any funds I am offered from other Universities. I am so happy yet am a little disappointing that they seemed to start off with such a small scholarship. I see many people getting such high starting figures or being fully funded... Is getting substantial funding unusual in Canada or am I just not competitive......? My degree is in sociology so maybe for that discipline, it is a competitive offer? I really have no clue. I'm happy yet kind
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