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  1. @akjbri Did you apply for the masters or the phd?
  2. Its still stays under review for my application too and Im applying for the phd. I don't understand why they don't just send everything out at once.
  3. Same here, no change in portal. Let’s all hope for the best!
  4. Looks like decisions from Toronto are out based on the the results page.
  5. @sulkytofu No problem, glad I could help! Good luck with your applications!
  6. Most often the application requires your references to submit their references online, but this may depend on your department. As for myfile, it does take a long time to receive the email. Last year I was tired of waiting for the email and I eventually ended up calling the graduate department and they gave me my login information because I never received the email. They said sometimes we don't even get the email for it! Also if you have applied to York in the past, such as in your Bachelors and have mentioned it in your application, it uses the same student number so you can try that as well. I recommend calling the department of graduate studies if they are still open and request for your login information, if you haven't received it already. Good luck!
  7. You can give it a try, the worst that could happen is if they say no. If you have another option I would ask someone else, but if you think this professor's reference is vital to your application or if you don't have alternatives, then I would just go for it. Good luck!
  8. I recently accepted my offer to York and my main reason why was due to the funding package and as @Albetheth mentioned they aren't giving you free money, there might be some stuff that incoming students are unaware about, but that being said I still decided to accept my offer because the other university I applied to gave me no funding and they mentioned having little prospects for ta positions. So, it all depends on which offers you are comparing it to, for me a fully funded offer was more attractive even if I don't end up securing a ta position though I really hope I do!
  9. That's great! Good thing u found the offer later!
  10. The letter was dated March 2nd so I think they will probably release them throughout the day today. U still have some hope! Be positive!
  11. I go to accepted into the MA program for sociology at York! I checked my myfile and it still says no decision yet but I got an email this morning. Hopefully those that are still waiting for a decision have some chance for an acceptance! Keep ur hopes up guys!
  12. I really needed this have had a really bad day today (unrelated to applications) but just reading these words calmed me down! Thanks a ton!
  13. Ok thanks, just so tired of waiting!
  14. Is this just for the Ph.D programs or for the masters programs as well?
  15. Hi everyone, I couldn't find a thread for masters in sociology for Canadian universities this year so I decided to make one! I would love to know where everyone has applied and how application season gone so far!
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