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  1. That's right. Haven't received a formal rejection so far! I can totally understand the application checks! I hope something good comes in the next two hours! What a weekend it would be 😎
  2. I have already had three Rejections so far Chicago, North Carolina, Northeastern! As there are acceptances already and I haven't received anything so I have no hope from these. Same here! I can hardly get any work done! Each notification on the results page is like a shock! And gradcafe has a lot of trolls which again makes me question all the posts. Nevertheless its traumatic! After 17 applications , each rejection is giving me a sense of impending doom!
  3. Ditto! But the post is gone now! The application portal mentions all decisions wil be sent in Feb.
  4. Congratulations! I guess its a rejection for others then, if they were not contacted.
  5. Anyone claiming the UNC admit? Did the POI mention when the decisions will be sent officially ?
  6. Is there a change in your application status? I wasn't invited and it shows "Under committee review"
  7. Any idea when University of Cincinnati sends decisions?
  8. I apologise. I read that as northwestern and was depressed all day till I saw the post above! I read about the issues with Chinese students. Much more critical in UK! But they are opening up routes for Masters courses for them as they pay 2x or 3x more fees. Plus there are also cases of inflated English language scores especially if they have IELTS instead of TOEFL. Also do you or anyone else here know if its alright to mail a POI regarding application status?
  9. My goodness! I saw that again now! I am so sorry! I was depressed beyond measure! I sincerely apologise everyone!
  10. And now Northwestern's out! I don't understand. Its like internationals , not currently in the states have no chance of being considered. A pre-admission event?
  11. Anyone got any updates from University of Illinois Chicago ?
  12. I agree. Waiting till 24th-25th Jan would be wise.
  13. I think By mId feb most of the colleges will release their decision. This week might be for UCB, UIC, UToronto, UWisc-Madison and UChicago.
  14. Congrats to those who got selected!
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